15 Carbs...?

ok so I have to confess i didnt know what you guys were talking about when you told me about the 15 Carbs…! I did some reasearch and found a book called “Carbohydrate Counting for diabetics” and now I know. Wow, it will certainly help me to inject the right amount of Humalog for what I eat. I’ve just kinda been winging it and obviously not keeping control very well at all. This is an eye opener for me and I thank the powers that be that I found this website! I can only imagine what trouble I’d be getting into if I’d remained ignorant.

thanks again for all the support, you guys really are lifesavers!

We all had to start somewhere. I remember when I was Dx’ed and they were showing me insulin and carbs, etc…I went home and cried and thought “I can’t do this or remember all this”…boy, it is second nature now. You will get it and just keep educating yourself, it will all fall into place for you.
Glad that you will be doing better now. :slight_smile:

Everyday is a learning day, we learn so many new things in our lifetime! Im so glad I joined this community. Ive learned so much. Im happy youre doing better Debi. I hope all will be well.

Yay, Debi! I learn something new here all the time.