I met with my Nutritionist!

So today i had an appointment with my new nutritionist, Ive already tried to make changes to my diet as far as not eating out every day and bringing my lunch to work. I sat down with her and she told me to write down what ive been eating every day since ive made my changes… So i did. Then she tells me shes going to teach me how to carb count. I have no idea what she means… so she started explaining it to me and the rule of 1serving = 15 grams of Carbs.
she gave a booklet and im suppost start this and keep a food log and start excercising ( which i will try), so well see how it goes ill give it a try. I was wondering if anyone else counts carbs? if you do how hard was it to get used to and to learn?

Thanks hope everyone is having a great day!


“1 serving = 15g carbs” just reeks of the antiquated exchange system…

I’m supposed to be doing the same thing. But my problem is I have a hard time getting food logged. I’m busy at work, can’t take time and think…oh I’ll remember later. haha Doesn’t happen. I have, however been paying attention to carbs, reading labels, and trying to stay away from processed flours, sugars, ect. And I’ve managed to lose about ten or so pounds so far.

I’ve started checking my bg’s more than just the two times a day they told me to do, and have found that being sick, stress, and potatoes really whack me out. (I’m sure other things too). But overall they tell me if I keep up my diabetes will go away. Don’t know, I feel like once you have it, you always have it, and have to watch what you do.

But YAY no meds for me yet. :slight_smile:

Can you explain …is your new nutritionist a " certified diabetes educator " ??? …there is s difference … I know from experience, that my CDE ( dietittian ) would never say , that 1 serving equals 15 carbs .I count carbs as well . I used to weigh food items and eyeball presently . Getting the carb book :" the Calorie King, calorie , fat and carbohydrate counter " very useful . Places like " fast foods " usually have sheets of information with carb counts available…just ASK . I have been eating a very simelar breakfast for several years and don’t mind this at all .( much easier too with record keeping ) .Point about potatoes well taken and I would like to add : I do not eat mashed potatoes and I do eat boiled with peel on …the difference being that mashed spuds have a " high glycemic index" , and raise blood sugar quickly ; boiled spuds with peel could be considered " low glycemic " …you may want to discuss with your health team member .
yes, so far I am having a great day …wish you one too !!

all i do is think about carbs

i agree with sarah. I got a booklet about carb exhanges, and it just seemed useless when you can count the carbs by themselves.

I count carbs. I record everything I eat or drink. I found that my Diabetic Educator was giving me too many carbs a day. I was told that 15g of carbs = 1 carb counter and she wanted me to eat 13 carb counters a day which comes out to 195g of carbs a day. Way too much for me. I try to keep my carbs under 100 a day and it seems to be working for me. I got confused in the beginning. I thought I had to count my protein as well. It wasen’t until I got the book “Calorie King” (got it at wal-mart) that I realized most meats and cheese do not have any carbs in them. Good luck with it. After about a week or so, everything will fall into place.