More great news

I went to see my DE and she didn’t fight with me on the pump issue. She totally agrees that I should switch over. They want me back on Humalog/Lantus route until the pump has been ordered and delivered. Today I meet with another DE to learn Insulin: carb ratio and corrections. I’ve read up on the subject and I read it and understand it but I think I’ll understand it better once it is shown to me. I know everyone’s I:C ratio and corrections are different for each person but I wanted to ask what are yours??

Its perfect timing really as I'll be taking a CNA course soon and once I am done, the pump will be approved and ordered and delivered and the appts will be scheduled.

Just wanted to add thank to all of you for teaching me about the pump! It has helped me learn and process getting me on the pump sooner than later.

Carb counting can be entertaining to learn. I have had some problems with home cooked items. Once you nail down your favorites, it gets easier.

Thanks…I am finally glad to be learning this. I have a notebook so I can take notes down so I can fully understand it. I have read about it in Pumping Insulin and thinking like a pancreas but still, its nicer when I learn it by something who can visually teach me.

Carb Counting took me a while to get it right, I still miss sometimes with stuff like home made items, however I found it easiest to learn by doing it myself. I understood it enough when someone showed me to be comfortable doing it but learned so much more when I was turned loose with it.

carb counting I’ve been doing day one. Sometimes I am off the mark but a few. I do keep a list of my foods that I do eat and have restaurants nutritional guide on my computer. I am excited to do an I:C ratio and corrections :slight_smile: instead of just carb counting alone.

I am glad that you did not have to put up another fight to get the pump going!

It will probably help them come up with some better beginning ratios when you start the pump if switch now.

I use 3 different carb ratios because I am really resistant in the mornings. My morning is 1:6, lunch is 1:12 and dinner is 1:15. My correction factor is 1:35.

Thanks for sharing Kelly. I just remembered that based on what I was using for the 75/25 mix my de thinks it may be 1:10 for the pre-meals. But todays appt will give an accurate amt hopefully. But just excited to begin so I can know what will happen once on the pump. I will ask of course if I stick with my usual 45-60 grams of carbs each meal or will the I:C ratio allow me to eat a bit more if needed. In general, I am so excited to be getting Kermit (My pump will be named Kermit as it will be green smile)

I was doing carb ratios before i was on the pump so I just associate carb counting with my carb ratios. I was just doing all the math in my head and now the pump does it for me. Like Kelly WPA I have different ones during the day i’m 1:6 in the morning 1:5 in the afternoon and 1:6 at night and I have a correction of 1:40. It’s nice to not have to do the math in my head anymore, its also nice that if i know i’m going to be doing a lot of exercise or something Each time I take insulin for food I can tell it to make the ratio give me a little less so that way I don’t go low while working out.

Thanks for sharing. I can not wait to get the pump. I know one of the things I’m gonna wanna do is update the food directory so its set to what I eat and what I have at certain restaurants. The Animas workbook has been helpful as well but overall, cant wait to visually see it in my face vs reading it. I dont mind doing math. It keeps my brain working :slight_smile:

You will be able to skip meals, eat light meals or eat more. It is alot easier as far as eating goes! You won’t have to worry about going low if you need to eat at a later time. They will start you off with something but once you get going, you will get it more fine tuned to where it should be.

Would you believe I never named either my pump or my Dexcom? I know, I am bad!

I named my dexcom Csanova and my pump will be kermit :). I am glad that eating will be easier soon. I dont mind my 45-60 grams of carbs each meal but sometimes I want to eat a bit more as I am still hungry or thirsty, etc.

My I:C ratio is 1:7. She also gave me a sliding scale in case I have issues with the I:C. I’ll have to go over the info tomorrow and email her from my phone if I have any questions. As far as the lantus goes I am on 30 units in the morning. She thinks that is too much but she wants me to give it a try and then go down 2 units of necessary. So its experimenting at this point. I think the way she explained the I:C was great. So I’ll just see how it goes!