1st sensor

My first sensor lasted 12 days. I’m pretty happy with that. However my sugars are an entirly different issue. I’m chasing my tail and lowered my basals again but my endo seemed to think they need to go up. I kept going down then drinking juice and firing back up. :o(((

If you see your BG drifting down while not eating then you need to lower your basal. No need to consult an endo for that. Make sure that the lower BG is not a side effect of the last bolus. For me it takes about 6 hours to get a bolus out of my system.

Oh no it was def my basals. At night I could start at a 2 and 300 sugar and I would hit the 50s by the morning time. That is why I have slowly been lowering my basals. Coming in a little more level now but overall my sugars are 200 over what they need to be and he tried lovering my average but it’s just such an ordeal to get my numbers to do well. :frowning: That is why he wanted me on the Dex. He wasn’t even having it when I said my ins may not cover.

The fact that your endo pushed you towards the dex speaks for him. Lower your carb intake until you gain control. Everything is easier with less carbs. Divide your meals into 2 categories: The ones that you master and the ones that you don’t. Score a win or two per day with meals that you master. Try to figure out what is going wrong with the other meals. By switching to the dex you already won. It might take a little time to collect but you will. Seeing the effects of food and insulin in real-time will teach you whether you want to learn or not. Very soon you will have the knowledge to keep your BG in the normal range. After that you will need a certain amount of discipline. No gadget or endo can help you with that. If you are not motivated enough to exercise the necessary constraint then you can wait until complications set in. Complications are a great motivator and many times complications reverse with proper control.

Oh already there. Had my eyes lasered 3x already and have some neuropathy and some other things. I just am blah’d out and have been for years now. This is also something my new Endo is attacking. He said we’re not looking back but only forward and he will get me back into basic training lol :slight_smile:

Your endo seems to be a good influence. I get the feeling that you are in good hands.