2-year old is on a protein boycott

Does anyone have any suggestions for a recently diagnosed almost 2-year old who is absolutely fighting any kind of protein? Even things that she previously ate really well…it’s a real challenge trying to get protein into her…she is now refusing cheese, peanut butter, chicken, nuts, and anything else we can think of to get protein into her…HELP!!!

I have some good “cake” recipes that are based on eggs. My favorite is a coconut cake. Any chance your two year old would eat coconut?? You could try adding any other flavors she likes (fruit, cocoa, etc). The base of the cake is 4 eggs and 1 cup of heavy cream beaten together with Splenda, then baked in a pie pan for about 50 minutes on 350 degrees.

I can hardly taste eggs.

Click here to see the recipe.

what about protein shakes? I’m not sure if children can have them, but it may be worth a try.

Second the suggestion of protein shakes & you can also sneak protein powder into soups, low carb muffins & cookies made with almond meal instead of flour.

Lots of different types of protein powders. I’d avoid any with soy. Whey protein isolate powder (isolate is the best form) is available unflavored & has the most protein per scoop. I use NOWunflavored brand & it dissolves easily. Can be mixed with any flavoring for yummy shakes or smoothies. Hemp protein powder has lots of good Omega fats & a slightly nutty flavor. It makes great shakes also. I use unsweetened almond milk.

Hopefully, this is just the temporary rebellion of two year old asserting herself. The more of a big deal you make of it, the more she’ll resist.

Barb…I know I mentioned this in my message to you, but have you tried looking through the recipes on dlife. I absolutely love that site and it has been really helpful for coming up with all sorts of recipes! If you find something you like on there, you can actually store your favorite recipes and later bring them up for your use. Good luck!

Dairy, eggs, blended tofu, ground nuts. I assume there’s no need to have a 2-year-old eat low carb!

All those can be used to make sweet or savory “pies” similar to Kristin’s suggestion or blended into shake-like drinks.

Have you tried letting her “cook” her meal the way she wants? Sometimes that control is what a 2-year-old needs to feel in charge. Especially when the diabetes kid-parent relationship is so grounded in food!

As a kid, I loved my family’s version of toad-in-the-hole: Child uses cookie cutter to cut hole from slice of bread. Throw into pan with a little butter or oil and cook an egg in the hole. Use leftover shape as “hat.”

Use cookie cutter to cut shapes from sliced cheese or tofu or lunch meat.

Die hard-boiled eggs and get to choose the one you want to eat.

Take photo of meal to post on tudiabetes and show all of us what a big girl eats for dinner!

If she’ll eat fat, that can take the place of protein for a while when it comes to balancing blood sugars.

Chicken nuggets? What about letting her dip things into ketchup? I know ketchup has some carbs and chicken nuggets aren’t the healthiest thing ever, but many children will eat them, and some children will eat anything if they can dip it in something (ranch or ketchup usually) first.

My son loved spaghetti and “gooslop”, his name for goulash. If she won’t eat the meat, substitute protein powder in the sauce. Here in the USA we can get things like Pedia Sure shakes that are nutritious. I think the idea of letting her help and making meal time fun are wonderful ideas. We would sometimes have a race to see who could eat what was on the plate when he got older. 2 and 3 are very disgruntling to parents of regular kids, then add D into it, and your world is completely crazy. Ever think about getting her on a pump?

Thanks for your ideas…she’s doing pretty well right now…but you know how 2-year-olds can be…one day just SO cooperative and the next day they don’t want ANYTHING…about the pump…her endo wants to wait 6 months to a year after diagnosis and she was just diagnosed in September.

hahaha funny you say this. when I was three I went completely off protein too! I used to be a carnivore up until then! Im still a vegetarian but im more conscious of trying to get some sorce of protein. (dont know if that contributed to my betes dx at age 11). Now when I try to eat meat it doesnt digest well and I get really sick, so I dont know if when I was 3 my body knew I was lacking the enzyme that aids in meat processing or not.

I would ask the pediatrician for ideas.

best of luck!