Proteins for breakfast?


need breakfast protein ideas for my son to level out the carbs he eats before school....he is very picky so Im open to suggestions.

Who doesn't like fried bologna?

Bacon makes everything better. :-) Eggs, salami, hot dogs are some other ideas.

Nuts. Beans.

all on target - I concur.

I don't know any kids that like nuts. Bacon, eggs and hotdogs maybe...

Greek yogurt,
cheese sticks,
almond milk,
peanut butter.

peanut butter is great for slowing carbs, I can actually eat a half a bagel with PB on it.
Plain, I can not seem to manage the carb explosion. so I normally avoid them.

Kids usually like PB. Also if he is into fruit, then a high protein yogurt works nicely.

Hard boiled eggs seem to be easier to get little kids to eat, (at least mine were like that)

Cashew butter is awesomely yummy too if you can find it and it works the same way.
I assume almond butter too but I have not tried it,
It might be nice to switch it up for variety,