20 year old on Medicaid that will loose coverage at 21

In Septemer I will be turning 21 and will loose my Medicaid coverage. I have no other way of getting my diabetes supplies paid for. How do all the 21+ year olds here get their supplies without paying all out of pocket or very little or get covered by insurance??

I’m a college student with no job living at home. My mom doesn’t have any insurance.

My insurance will be cut off in April, so I will be going to the health dept for care. My mom looked into it and I guess they base it on your income. I dont have any income so at our health dept I only have to pay $20. Maybe you should give them a call

Did you know that you can get SSI and after receiving it you will continue to receive medicaid and if you get SSD along with SSI you’ll get medicare as well. Go to a resource specialist or community outreach program and they can give you referrals of all the help that you qualify for.
Especially, if your mother isn’t working that’s more help for you. If mom doesn’t have insurance than she can go to the Community Health Center and apply for a clinic card.

Hope everything goes well, let us know how it went. Patti L.

Not to sound harsh here, but is there any reason why you cannot get a job? A Type 1 Diabetic in this country must be covered by group health insurance if they do not qualify for federal or state assistance programs. It is an unfortunate and limiting aspect of the disease.

Write Whitehouse.gov and tell them.

Well, I would get a job if I had time for one. I’m a full time college student and no part time jobs (if I could even find one!) offers health insurance.

Yep, sounds like the best option here is to work full-time and do school part-time. Health comes first.

Schools vary widely in how much they cover for their students. But it is certainly worth investigating in any case.

I worked full time and did college full time in order to pay for my insurance benefits. Online classes are key.

I don’t think I’m eligible for SSI or SSD. Those are for disabled people I think.

Sounds like my best option. We do have a program like that here in Michigan. I just hope I can get my Insulin pump supplies covered.

One time I volunteered at a diabetes camp. No pay but they loaded us up on insulin, strips and whatever else was left.
You could marry somebody who is covered by a good group plan.
You could study abroad, some country that has free healthcare.

Apply for medicaid as an adult

We, with diabetes is disabled. My youngest daughter is hearing impaired and she is on ssi, as long as she is applying herself in school than going to college she still will receive ssi till she graduates from college and gets a job. This is to insure that you as the recipient get the funds you need to survive as a diabetic and medical wise.
I’m hard of hearing from nerve deafness, just 20 % hearing left from being totally deaf. I am eligible to receive ssi if I wasn’t working but I choose to work alot as long as I can so that I get ssi when I really need to like maybe 20 more years from now. And I have diabetes. Good Luck

Unfortunately, SSI and SSD is given to a diabetic only if they have another complication, severe kidney damage, blind, amputee, etc. Perhaps there is something in the guidelines that most people are not aware of? I am afraid most diabetics without another complication will be denied. Totally unfair.

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If you can’t get insurance through your college as others have suggested, look into Blue Cross Blue Shield. In Michigan, they can’t turn anyone down, and they don’t jack the rates because you’re diabetic. It’ll cost you some money, but the rates are generally reasonable (I’m 39, they quoted me $175/month - it’ll be a lot cheaper for you because you’re younger).

Also, it might be worth switching colleges if yours doesn’t offer insurance.