Medical Supplied Needed and Uninsured

Ok so I had the state insurance kids can get and it covered all my diabetes supplies. Last December I Turned 19 and was officially too old to get the state insurance anymore. So I'm left with very little medical supplies, no insurance companies will take me due to diabetes being a "pre-existing condition" and I don't have money to pay for all this.
I've tried finding programs that help and can't seem to find any.

Any ideas? I REALLY need help!!! :/

Do you have parents with insurance ? By law, their insurance must take you until you are 26 .

If you are in school, you may be able to get a student health plan to cover your supplies.

On January 1 , 2014, insurance companies must take people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes.... so if you can find a solution for this year, you may be able to buy insruance next year.

I assume since you say you were in a CHIP program that you can't qualify for Medicaid ?

Nope, they don't have insurance either. And unfortunately I'm not in school and don't qualify for medicaid :/

It's a rough situation to be in.

I'm going through this right now too. Are there any free clinics in your area or maybe a clinic with a sliding scale fee? You can also get humulin N and humulin R from walmart for about $50. I'm not sure what area you live in.

I live in a really small town in North East GA so there aren't any free clinics...But the Wal Mart insulin definitely helps a lot!! Thank you!

When I first started dealing with the medicaid issue, I went down to the DSS office and the woman told me that if I got pregnant or got declared depressed then to come back and they would help. She also told me to apply for disability, but that they would deny me anyway. I don't live near any free clinics either and it can be very frustrating and then for someone to tell you to get pregnant in order to "matter" and that your physical disease isn't good enough to concern them is aggravating to say the least.

Yeah it really is!! Especially with how expensive diabetes supplies are. You'd think there would be more help available.

Hi Brandi, Have you tried thePatients Assistance Resources on the main page. You might be able to get some ideas that will help.

One quickie question ... what kind of supplies do you need? Please make me a "friend" and send me a message so we can continue discussion.


Good idea, Stemwinder. Havent thought to try that yet.

Fixin to add you, Lois!

here is a thought, that I suggest to most folks. Sign up for a 1 to 3 credit college class. At a state U probably in the $500 range or less. look around for a trade or tech school. Once there you can take the class and get your health insurance. I realize from the strand that you are not in school, but it is really one of the best health insurance deals around and remember you are bridging to 2014.

Now I fully realize you have a short term need. I assume you need strips, syringes insulin, and swaps etc. Call the local hospital and ask them if they know of resources for low cost or no cost local supplies. My suggestion is to call whatever hospitals are around. One thought is to contact locally owned pharmacies. It is unlikely you will find help, but leave your name and how to get in touch, you would be shocked how many folks go to mom and dad's drug store when they pass to see what to do with supplies. I realize it is catch as catch can, but it will push the matter if you get lucky.

Finally friend me, sometimes, if i know what you are looking for I run across some deals. This is tough, but look at it this way, you are on a 10 month deal to access to health insurance with a voucher based on need. Call your local state office that was handling your former policy. Explain your issues and ask for help. No it will not likely pay off, but if you hit enough buttons something unexpected might turn and you may not have even known it was available.

Oh also your docs office. They get thousands of dollars of free product and sometimes a doc can steer some supplies your way or better yet steer a rep your way who is peddling samples. If not your doc ask for referrals.

Best of luck, this will be tough, but it is possible. remember 10 months, but get in line to get in line for the first thing up on January 1. If you wait until august, it might be too late and cause you to wait until May or June 2014 to get in line. Get in line to get in line now.

Rick Phillips

no one will be able to afford healthcare on jan 1 2014, prices are already at 1800.00 min for family of 2, and they are expecting 2200.00 to be the norm. this will be the worst medical storm you have ever seen....may the force be with you all.

And let's not overlook the rash of early retirements that will further deplete the ranks of working doctors. Some are happening already.

Well thats encouraging... :/

Brandi, I did not mean to sound like a downer, for the record, I am T2, until last week i was paying 1638.00 per month for health insurance, with a 9k deductable and a 50% co insurance, THAT WAS OFF THE CHARTS!!

so, i have been fighting this for the last year, just last friday i was trying to get my insurance with the state (florida) and the plan was actually better than AETNA who i had before, talk about a bummer, i went online to apply and was informed the plan was shut down that day and won't be forward until jan 1 2014!! we will all be at the mercy of the GOVERNMENT. god help us all, I HAVE NO COVERAGE NOW, THANKS TO THE WASHINGTON CRONIES!!!

CG- are you on the insulin pump? Theres an organization, I think its, and sometimes people donate their extra pump supplies to the organization and then the organization distributes them on an emergency as-needed basis to people that need it. They're sending me some insulin pump cartridges and insets :)

Oh ok, so you're type 2? I'm type 1, so I'm needing bg testing supplies as well as pump supplies.

Haven't found anything to help with testing supplies yet, but I'll let you know if I find anything :)

There have been lots of good suggestions posted, but if you need more help finding resources, send me a message.