2008 Olympics

Does anyone know of any 2008 Olympians that have diabetes?

I haven’t heard of anyone this year. dLife has a page with famous athletes with with diabetes (see here for that page). There were a few contenders, but for various reasons, I’m not sure any will be in Beijing. For example, rower Chris Jarvis from Canada was hoping to be in the Beijing Olympics (he WAS in the Athens Olympics), but I believe he was disqualified this round (I’m not certain why, it could be he now lives in Boston attending college, or maybe it was his age, or maybe he just didn’t make it this time around … I don’t know what the rules to qualify for the Canadian Olympic team). Perhaps we’ll learn of some this weekend!

Kevin Hansen is a T1 who sets for the US men’s volleyball team. Check out http://www.hoinews.com/sports/sports_story.aspx?id=160373