2011 TuDiabetes Award Winners

Congratulations to all our 2011 TuDiabetes award winners!

Educator: BSC
-He is both patient and knowledgeable. Patience is important! He knows the different D types and how to use both oral meds and insulin.
-His knowledge is encyclopedic on diabetes. He always gives great advice. We are so lucky to have him!
-always very helpful with supplying links , the manner in which he communicates , very knowledgable in all topics related to diabetes.

Creative Mind: lotsofshots
-She does lots around TuD. She welcomes new arrivals and always helps out whenever someone asks for it. She spends a lot of her time helping people. For a girl with type 1, a full time job (helping people), and her own complicated family including a rescued pooch, that's not easy to do! She is great with graphics too. Her page changes every day and I often check it out just to see what can be done with the software at tuD.
-she decorates her profile page very creatively, she's always sending a cute graphic along with a cheery greeting, she sends seasonal greetings out to members, and music

Geek: Holger Schmeken
-He explains complicated problems and questions completely and in terms that one can understand.
-He has had a busy year with his marriage and all that goes with this life-changing ceremony but he still manages to get back to us with the best information on working with the software here at tuD.

Comedian: Bikette
-She comes up with responses that literally make me laugh out loud. She reminds me not to take myself or diabetes too seriously.
-She has a way of cheering you up, with a gilded wit!
-She truly loves to make people smile.

Good Eating Fan: Gerri
-Always ready with good information about foods/carbs. She has excellent recipes too.
-She knows what she is talking about when she tells members what is best and what is not so good to eat.
-Yes, I know she wins this title every year but darnit, she deserves it! She is simply put, the site go-to-gal when anyone has a question about healthy eating and even just eating in general!

Active Lifestyle: Acidrock23
-I am impressed with how he uses regular exercise as just one of his tools to control his blood sugars.
-When it comes to exercise, AR is a role model. From someone who hardly exercised to an exercise junkie, he shows us that no matter what one's age or condition, one can get into fitness, improve, and excel. Reading about what he has done and is doing motivates me to do better, to do more.
-Always motivating people to be active and confident.

Life Coach: Seagator
-He is THERE for you...caring, giving of his time...greeting you daily with words of encouragement. He is TuDiabetes' resident dad/grandad ♥
-He is in his mid-eighties and he is like the Energizer bunny. His page is like "homeroom" to many of the daily TuDiabetes regulars. If you want to know what's happening, check his page first. He remembers details like your husband's name, when your surgery is happening, what days you have dialysis, why your mother is driving you crazy. Every week he prays for all of us, and some of us who are hurt, scared, desperate, and lonely, he prays a little extra special. He welcomes every new member of TuDiabetes and sends a birthday message to all on the list. He helped me out enormously last year when my dad died. He frequently ends his messages with the words "I care" and he really means it. We love "Gator"!

Crusader: Marie B
-She is always participating in events in her local area advancing info on Diabetes. She has been active on Big Blue Test days on this and other websites. She has many years as a diabetic and shares her knowledge with everyone.

All so very deserving of recognition! Awesome! Thanks to ALL of you for all you do.

What can be better than coming back from the holidays and being the elected tu geek again? Hurray! I have some things in the pipeline for 2012 and this award is a great motivator for me. Many thanks to all of you and my congratulations to the winners - great to see that many of my favorites have been awarded.

Thanks to you all for giving so freely of your help and advice. You truly deserve this accolade. Maureen

Hi Pastel. I'm so glad you found this post! I was going to send the link to you after my lunch break :)

This summary for 2011 Winners is fantastic ...thanks everyone and thanks to Emily for putting this together !

Congrats to the winners, but I personally want to thank each and every one of you who come on here to share your experience, understanding and support. Sometimes when you post a question the person who responds with exactly the understanding, the "I've been there and did this", the information or just the kind word may be someone you've never seen before and you may not even remember their name, but you are very grateful they were there at just that moment.

22,356 members make up this site and I think they all deserve accolades!

Thank you all very much for the recognition! I like helping people a great deal and find that the "checks and balances" provided by an informed community like Tu are a great antidote to medical providers passing out scripted advice prepared by hospital administrators and their "risk managers" that may not work for everyone.

I'd also like to thank the board of directors, administrators and all of the participants out there who contribute to the community. I'd also like to take a moment to notice the "lurkers". The "Vitrectomy" thread has > 3000 "views" to go with nearly 300 posts and all the information. Maybe some of them are people reading or clicking and thinking before they post but there are lots of people who can get great info without participating and I think that it's great to have a resource like this available to share information, in many cases much more rapidly than the 3 months until your next endo appointment or tomorrow when the endo/ CDE/ "staff"? will respond to your email about what to do.

I'll celebrate with some CGM ***fireworks***

I dunno what it was up to. I had a short but fast run tonight, right around 90 when I left and, when I got home, noted the CGM was spiked to 190 and was like "damn, I didn't know I was that fast [which I wasn't, not quite 2 minutes off the PR, it was windy and my legs are still feeling a wild weekend...]" but checked my BG and it was 81, so I calibrated the sucker and, of course, CAL ERROR!! oh well, the little blip on the right in the night reminded me of fireworks. Happy Jimmy Page's birthday!!

Congratulations to all the winners for the very valuable service and support you provide here for so many readers.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter

Congratulations, every award winner, and many thanks!

It has meant so much to me, as someone new here, to have you wonderful people--and so many others--to learn from!

Thank you to everyone here at tudiabetes!!


What a precious experience! To join here, and find first hand people that care and understand. Most of the names here greeted and supported me from day one. So wonderful that you have all been recognized and embraced for your extraordinary kindness's.I always have a lot of words, but none do justice to what I truly feel about this site and you lovely people. Bravo!

For goodness sake shoot that cat, and get a proper hat! Your now an ICON! jaja!

Congrats to you all. You all deserve it!