2013 starting off interesting thus far

I thought 2013 was going to be a great year but proving to be an interesting one. 5 days into it I had a seizure and at work had a right side weakness thus far. Was sent to the er near the hospital that I Orkney at and been here since. I had two MRIs, EEG, lumbar puncture (spinal tap), neurological evals, physical therapy, etc. I see a ms (multiple sclerosis) dr tomorrow 1/10/13 to get further evaluated. I’ll be on anti seizure meds twice a day, pt, an other test I’m sure. The results points to ms…oh I’ve had the heperen shots too so I cn ow relate to my patients where I work! So not only managing my diabetes has been a challenge to deal with since day one and now this…I’m learning while in the hospital as I have nothing else to do besides watch tv, be poked and prodded and examined, etc abt the posible diagnosis…I am happy that they aren’t giving a 100% diagnosis which gives the drs more info to find before saying its this…at least it’s one step at a time thing and slowly so no malpractice comes out of it…right now I’m tired and concerned…and can’t wait to get home to relax and sleep better…that’s all for now…just feel overwhelmed gain like I did back in 2006.

although I hope the dx is not MS

we have an MS group

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Hang in there Amy. I will send prayers your direction.

What a year so far! Stay strong and things will look up soon. Best of luck!

Yo yo,
I can relate quite closely to your story. After about 5 years of studying how they come wand where they come from, in July of last year I had surgery performed on my brain where the doctors confirmed the location of my seizures, confirmed that I could live a strong and healthy life without that portion, cut the part of my brain out and let me carry on with life. Its a ■■■■■, I know, but after spending a week in the hospital and a week at home struggling to get up a flight of stairs I had a new inspiration to get through life! The amount of research and developement that has gone into epileptic technology is incrediable, the images of your brain you get are awesome. This challenge will come and pass and at the end you will be stornger and have greater confidence when you embrace every challenge that you face!
Though it was ruled that there is no direct correlation between my diabetes and epilepsy, I think that rapidly fluctuating blood sugars can be somewhat of a catalyst. I found it better to take a long-term bolus to correct my sugars if they ran high.

Amy - I’ve been faced with and embraced similar challenges recently. Though ruled to be separate health issues, I have type 1 diabetes and recently had surgery on my temporal lobe. It was not confirmed by a doctor I think that rapid fluctuations in blood sugars may have triggered some of them, particularly a fast rise and rapid response to reduce my sugars. My only thought would be to give yourself a square spaced over time. Best of luck - it’s gonna be a great year!

Thank you guys for the comments. MS is a slow diagnosis to determine as its complicated. I am accepting that is what it is until the dr has looked at everything and can say yes for sure or no. the MS dr isn't 100% sure yet but again once the test results come back, it will all make sense. I'll join the MS groups here just so I can be informed and prepared, etc. Right now I am tired and feel like a lump. I am going to learn whatever I can and get myself back to where I can return to work. I miss my co-workers, my job and my job really helps my sugar levels and being a lump isnt helping! I know the steroids didnt help at all!!!!! But I'll get there and will adapt somehow. The walker will be there even after I am 100% back on my feet just in case I have a day where I am not too steady.

Still doing PT/OT and still out of work. my neurologist changed the diagnosis from Seizure Disorder to Epilepsy. I am also weening off of one med and upping another med. I see the MS dr again in August. Hopefully by then the MS will either be ruled out or as another diagnosis.