Has anyone out hier been diagnosed with MS after Diabetes?

I am pretty scared. I have Diabetes. I have Neuropathy. I have Rhumatoid arthritis. And now they say I may have MS. They are all painful diseases. Some one share some good news with me.

Geez, poor you. I don’t blame you for feeling scared. I had Neuropathy in my toe and partial sole area on my left foot(numb toe and then awful foot pain when I would lie down at night)back in 1999 when I fell off the wagon. That scared me so I got my sugars back in decent control by exercising more, eating less and the proper foods plus testing more often, so I knew where I stood. No more numbness or pain caused by Neuropathy. That won’t happen again, if I can help it.

I have had Type 1 since I was 3 and then I was dxd. with severe RA when I was about 24/25. THAT pain, I well know. I have been on about 16 different drugs for it. Some worked for between 2-5 years, then would just quit working. One that worked Well for me, was pulled. The others did not work. My Rheumy says that I have remarkable stamina and a Good sense of humour. I guess it helps some. Otherwise, I see no bright light for this disease. Sorry to say. Some of us just get hit harder by it, than others do. About 10 members of my Family were also dxd. with this same severe RA. Thankfully only 2/10 of us have Diabetes.

As far as MS, we thankfully don’t have that disease amongst our Family and Friends, that I know of(touch wood). I Really feel for you with all that you have to cope with. I hope that you have a Good Medical Team and I pray that you will find relief and comfort. Hopefully they will find a treatment that will work for you.

There is probably someone else on here in your situation. There are many RA sites where the Good Folks may be able to answer your Diabetes/MS question or help you otherwise. Feel free to ask of me also, other than MS.

I was dx’d with diabetes when I was 8. Then at about 36 or 37 I was dx’d with MS. About one month after I got my first pump I’m told I now have a new disease that requires shots! If you can, get on one of the medications quickly and stick with it. I tried 3 different meds and wasnt able to take any of them, so now I can just barely walk. But oh well thats what walkers and scooters are for.

I am now on tysabri and doing well with that med. I prefer going in for an IV once a month than the hell I was going through with the other medications. But there are lots of people out there who are doing very well on the medications that are available. It used to be guaranteed that if you got ms you would soon be in a wheelchair. But with todays medications thats not the case. I know there are people who feel like diabetes is the worst thing ever but I’ve never really felt that way. MS is the worst thing ever but you just have to learn to take each day as they come and make the best of it. There will still be good days and lots of them.

If you ever need someone to talk with or someone to listen while you yell, look me up. I make a great listener.

Hi all 49 M with Type 1 diabetes and also have RR MS. I am on the Medtronic Insulin Pump. I was on the CGM but stopped it becouse mt BS were dropping to low 30/40 and when I finger stx check I was 80/90 this went on for month Medtronic switch pump but still was happening. Endo Dr. check and everything looked fine. My last A1c was 6.1. I take Novolog insulin for diabetes and Rebif for MS. I have been type 1 for 46 years and MS set in 6 years ago.

I too have Neuropathy but don't have the pain I use to b/c I learned how to keep tighter control and it helps. I've had D for 53 years and although I've learned to somewhat tame this beast there are other things that I have no control over. I was recently dxed with Autoimmune Gastritis which is inflammation of the stomach which caused me to now have cancer of the stomach. So far my drs are watching it since I don't want to lose my stomach, that is one of the options and the other is to lose half of my stomach. I also recently found out that I have Gastroparesis, none of these are frightening after have lived with D for all those years. I just consider them another bump in the road of life. I hope you find some peace and comfort in learning to live with what you have. I find what helps me is not only prayer but always seeking a better treatment for any of these illness..I also have Spinal Stenosis which can be very painful.

I know this was written many years ago and I'm sure you are adjusted to all of this. I was diagnosed with Daibetes on 12/21/2006. I started off with shots and been on the pump for 2 years now. I may be diagnosed with MS(Still waiting for some test results to return). Its a scary time and knowledge is the key. The good news after reading quite a lot is MS is managable! I am on anti-seizure meds now as well. Do what your suppose to do, learn as much as you can, vent, cry, etc to help you get through the day. When I heard the word MS I thought great I am gonna die. But again reading that its managable and you live a LONG life. So do what you normally do and live life to the fullest. Laugh, and make things as a comedy. we are all here if you still need someone to talk to.