2nd generation PDM and the CoPilot software

Can anyone help me with a technical problem? I’ve been using the OmniPod one year tomorrow (12-15-08) but just recently purchased the 2nd generation PDM. My question is: when trying to download information from the PDM to my computer, the “log book” report seems to print out so small I can barely read it. Granted I am not 35 years old anymore, but I do manage to read other small print. Is there a setting on my computer that I can adjust? Sorry for what seems like a silly question, but I am not tech savvy.


maybe pressing" Ctrl" and “+” on your keyboard will work?

In most pages on a computer, you should be able to press CTRL (control) and scroll the “wheel” on your mouse to magnify or decrease the size of the writing on your screen. Hope that helps!

When you go to print the logbook report, you can open a print preview screen to see how it will look (Click File in the toolbar, then Print Preview). If what you see is too small to read, click the 2nd button on the print preview screen to open a “Print Dialog Box.” This is the standard box you see before printing usually, where it asks how many copies you want, which printer you’re using, etc.

But instead of just hitting Print, click “Page Setup.” You can specify how much page space you want what you’re printing to cover. Likely, you’ve got it set for however much you’re attempting to print to be 1 page wide by 1 page tall. If you printed only a day’s worth, this will be larger text. If you print a week’s worth, this will be tiny. Set it to be several pages tall and you will likely see the font and fields expand to a more legible size.

If that doesn’t work, try printing only a smaller batch of dates and data at a time.

Pressing CTRL-+ or CTRL-scroll actually will not work in CoPilot, and even if it did, would not affect the final print-out coming from your computer.

What does anyone do when their doctor doesn’t like the data downloaded from their OmniPod? My doctor said he ‘prefers’ a good old fashioned logbook so he can look at everything in one glance. Sigh…all the trouble I had downloading Co-pilot and trying to make it work. And now he wants me to use a separate meter just so he can have it convenient to read???


Thank you for all of your suggestions. You folks know a whole lot more than I do about computers.

I would put my foot down and say that, unless he’s willing to follow me around with a pen and a logbook all day, he can accept the method provided by my equipment. You should not have extra work asked of you due to his “preference.” Diabetes is hard enough to manage! I would tell anyone that the method of logging that works for you is far better than no logging at all.

Unfortunately I don’t “think on my feet” so to speak. I was so dumbfounded when I left the office that I had a headache. This doctor is so nice…but…he has no clue how far technology has come. He just graduated medical school in the last 10 years, so you would think he might have an inkling. You’re right about Diabetes being hard enough to manage. I’m currently struggling with my BG anyway due to an ongoing ear infection that I’ve had since 10-01-09. I have to manage the picc line that I take IV infusions with, in addition to the OmniPod and the Dexcom. I am feeling like one big freak.

My mother had a PICC line put in while she went through chemo for her bout with cancer, so I can understand how difficult it is to keep it flushed and free of infection…and to add that on top of trying to balance diabetes w/ the pod and CGM is impressive. You’re definitely not a freak though–you’re a person (just like me and anyone else reading these posts) who is doing your best with the tools you’ve been given :slight_smile:

I agree with Melissa though: your doc needs to understand that every patient’s style of dealing w/ diabetes is different. You are doing your best to stay on top of the disease by using some of the latest and greatest technology out there, and while the printout may not be ‘what he wants’, it’s much better than not logging at all, and he should open his eyes a little and take the time to learn how to read the information you’re giving him…I know I wouldn’t stick around long if I had a doc who did not mesh well with my personality and/or my method of managing this disease–it’s hard enough to battle on your own, and you don’t need your healthcare team going against you as well.

Mayumi, There is a logbook in the CoPilot that is what my doctor likes also. I just print the logbook out and take it in for them to look at. If you do the drop down on reports it will say logbook. I hope this will help you.

When you print out your ‘logbook’ report, does your Dr. complain that there are too many numbers? My reason for asking is that sometimes I test 8-10 times a day or more, depending on if I am sick, and Dr. seems to have trouble discerning between pre-meal, post meal readings etc. Also if I printed an entire months worth of logbook reports, doesn’t it run into a lot of printer paper? Or am I not understanding you correctly? Thanks.

Thanks for your thoughts Bradford. I don’t know if a person ever finds a doctor that does mesh with their personality. The last Doc I saw was like seeing an assembly line medicine man. The current Doc is in a much smaller, more personal office, but he doesn’t know as much as he ‘thinks he does’ about Diabetes management. Second time I saw him, he was suggesting that I start tweaking my basal rates. My basal rates were verified by my CDE who happens to be a very intelligent man so I trust him. I would love to find a doctor who would explain things in layman’s terms and also respect the fact that Diabetes is hard to manage.


No my doctor doesn’t complain. I too test 10+ times a day and the report is very neatly done. I just printed the report Monday night for a doctor visit yesterday and it was only four pages for a months worth of data. The logbook report is broken out with each row being one day and it gives the number of carbs you input into your PDM and your BG reading. The day is broken up for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime with pre and post BG and carbs input. I’m trying to remember what else is on the report, doing it by memory, and can’t remember anything else. I believe this may be what your doctor would like, it looks like the logbook I use to write my BG readings in before I started downloading my meters to the computer. I wasn’t sure if you were aware of this report and was hoping this would help you out when going to the doctor. My doctor loves the report and prefers this one. I printed all of the reports along with all the graphs when I first started using CoPilot and let them tell me what they would like to see.

There is another report that comes up after you download your PDM which has a lot more information and will take a lot of pages if you print that report. That one gives you everything that you download and any manual entries you put into CoPilot.

I have trouble reading the printed report too. I “solved” the problem by printing on legal paper. That way the font size is larger and I can actually read it.

The detail report is called the Diary List, and it is huge. I tried to use this report to give to my nutritionist so she could see what I ate, rather than just the carb totals. (After I upload, I edit the carb records to document what I ate)

On the toolbar is a button labeled Report Configuration. If the Button Captions are not showing, use the following navigation:

  • UserProfile menu
  • UserProfile… option
  • Options tab
    In the lower left corner, select the check box "Show Button Captions

On the Report Configuration page, there are two tabs. The filter tab lets you choose what data to display. My experience has been that not all filtering options work on all reports. For example, I was trying to only show carbohydrate information to my nutritionist, but the insulin records displayed as well, even though I had deselected the check box.

Please let me know if you are successful in getting an easier to read report.


Brad ~ Thank You for the detailed instructions on adjusting the printed reports so that they are easier to read. I apologize for being late in replying, but with the holidays and such, my diabetes management sort of took a ‘back seat’. I was able to finally purchase some legal size paper at a office supply store and to try your suggestions. They work very well, I appreciate your help.

Does anyone know how to make the "daily combination’ report work for them? When I click on that particular report, my screen has no numbers or any other information on it. I’m not doing something right - but I don’t know how to fix that either.


Thanks Melissa. I appreciate all the help I can get when it comes to technical things. I love my computer, but sometimes I get really frustrated.

The daily combination report only works for one day at a time. It will show data for the last day of the range you have selected. If you select anything but “Custom Dates”, the last day of the range will be the current day. The most up-to-date data you can have is through the prior day, because only complete days will upload.

For example, today is January 13. If I upload, I will only upload data through January 12. The standard date ranges (current month, last three days, etc.) will end on January 13. The daily combination report will try to display data for January 13, but there is none so the report is blank. Try running for a custom date for the last day you have data for. Then you should get data.