3 year aniversary

Yesterday April 2 was my 3 year diabetes diagnosis date (Double D date?). It carries quiet a mixture of emotions and feeling kind of odd about it. Haven’t really talked about it with anyone. Figure this is probably the best place to bring it up!

The first year was very rough. I had a lot of trouble accepting my diagnosis, I took my insulin and ate fairly well, but in retrospect I was horribly depressed. I refused to get mad about being diabetic, instead got stuck in a one-man pity party. After the 1 year mark, I finally ended up in counseling and was able to work through all of my feelings.

In the last 2 years things have gotten so much better! About a year and a half ago I got the Animas One Touch pump and it changed my life. Last summer I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite, and participated in Palo Alto’s Tour de Cure raising money for the ADA. Now I’m looking into getting the Dex com CGM. I’m training for a 100 mile bike ride and a sprint triathlon. In the last year it’s really clicked that type 1 isn’t going to inhibit my life. I just means I do things a little different, and activities require a tad bit more planning (packing glucose tabs, snacks, etc).

I’m excited I just found tudiabetes.org and look forward to the mentorship, exchange of information, and expanded sense of community!

I can understand the devastation - though for the most part I was rather pleased when I was diagnosed (wrongly diagnosed as Type 2) because I at least had the answers to a lot of health problems that I had for the previous 10 years! I was down to 6 1/2 stones from 14 when I started getting ill and was very ill. Mine was caused by a tumour on my pancreas - benign - but unreachable to deal with it. They actually diagnosed it by accident while I was in hospital for another tumour on my spleen which they successfully dealt with during pioneering surgery - again 10 years of suffering which then got so bad that I was sent straight to hospital for 10 weeks!

I am glad, that like you that you have come out the other side and are more positive about it. I hope that you will find this site a friendly and useful place to come, where practically everyone on here will be caring, helpful and understanding!

Good luck with the bike ride and triathlon! Nothing like extreme sports to keep your sugars low!

very cool had a friend do the dome last year the pics were insane! good luck on the century ride and sprint! check out triabetes for sure they are great bunch of wingnuts I mean athletes