35 weeks pregnant and diabetic and my struggle

Its been very hard keeping my sugars down in general, I fail at taking care of myself so easy and Now i am 35 weeks pregnant and its still hard, I miss shots and testings.I hate myself for it but its like an addiction to not caring, its not that i dont care i dont know what it is. it kills me.

i am set to have a c section on july 8th. my son is around 5 pounds right now which they say is good

None of us is perfect. Just wake up each morning and vow to do the best you can TODAY.

Yesterday is history. Let it go and focus on now, this day, this test, this shot, this meal.

Beating yourself up is counter-productive, in my opinion.

Just do your best NOW.

I try. its hard. ill keep trying

I know it’s hard, hon. Diabetes sucks. It’s a tough row to hoe.

Being pregnant on top of that – with all the exhaustion and hormones. That’s super tough.

Can you ask for support? Cut back on other duties? Get more rest? Make lists and check things off as you do them? Tests, shots, vitamins, etc.

Put your feet up when you can and review your check-list. I’d be lost without mine.

i have a lot of help and support, its not enough. i stress easy. i have a 7 year old and im living with my ex boyfriend, but we still love each other, its an odd situation, lol