New Baby Here!

Hi Everyone,

I know I don’t post on here often, but I wanted to because I have seen a lot of post about pregnancy and women that are pregnant freaking out about their babies not being healthy (me included!)

Last week, Tuesday I went to my non-stress test to see how baby was doing and she was great, but this mommy was tired, and my blood sugars were lower and lower and lower and I was losing my insulin resistance that you gain with pregnancy.

Long story short, my placenta had become insufficient to support baby and I needed to have her ASAP. I was 36-3. I admitted and received 2 does of betamethsone and was put on an insulin drip because as I’m sure most of you know steroids make your numbers go crazy. I was very nervous about the insulin drip because I’ve never been on one, but it was fine. The worst part about it is they have to check your blood sugars every hour around the clock which meant no sustained sleep.

Baby started having distress on day 2 at the hospital before they actually started the inducing so I knew it was the right call. They induced and I labored for about 36 hours… ultimately she needed the vacuum to get out. She was born happy and healthy 8lbs 8.9oz 20 1/2 inch long.

The hardest part for me was doctors kept coming in the room trying to get me to just have a c-section. They kept saying she was going to be too big and would have shoulder dystocia. They suggested it was pointless to try for regular delivery because “id end up needing a c-section anyways”. I kept saying, you show me where my u/s shows she’s too big and i’ll do the c-section but ultimately, she was not.

So after she was born, she had to go to the NICU for a few hours because her blood sugar dropped and ten it dropped again the 2nd day of life, but she just drank a small amount of formula and was fine.

We came home on Christmas and my blood sugars and insulin requirements are at or below pre pregnancy amounts. We are breast feeding so that helps.

Anyways, I had a rough pregnancy with hyper emesis gravidium, Type 1 diabetes, worked right up until induction, and had a 4 day induction. Oh and they tried twice for an epidural but both failed because of previous back surgeries. Point here is, I did it. I had some high blood sugars, some low, some right in the middle, but I managed… and she is one very happy healthy baby now.


Congrats! Happy to read that you and the baby are doing well.

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Congrats on your baby and Happy New Year! Enjoy - the fun has just begun :slight_smile:

Goodness gracious, Julianna, what a wonderful moment! And how courageous you must have been through this process!

Congratulations and Mazel Tov for these great news. If this is your first one - your life is about to change for the much better - imho having children is the best event that can happen to a person. It was for my wife and me!

They do come with a hard schedule in the first couple of years though, so be prepared:-)

Congratulations! Is she your first baby? It looks like you were determined not to have the c-section and that all went well. Good for you! It sounds hard but you were the winner! And now she is part of your life - what did you do without her? Very happy for you and for your baby and family.

Congratulations! Good or you! Don’t expect much rest, though – now the REAL work begins! :smile:

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Congratulations what a blessing. Nancy

Congratulations and thank you for sharing, from one of the trying-not-to-be-nervous pregnant T1Ds here. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! I am so happy for you!

Mazel tov! Congrats! Parenthood is the bomb!

Congratulations on your happy, healthy daughter. As others have said, your life will never be the same again – nor would you want it to be! Enjoy her, love her, and give thanks for that precious little one.

As time goes on, though, and if you want more children, do not let this first experience prevent you from adding to your family. You did a great job under trying circumstances. I will tell you that I have two daughters. Both were born by C-section, and in the end that probably provided a healthier experience both for me and for them. If and when you add to the family, don’t automatically reject a C-section if the doctors have a REASONABLE and medically-sound reason for suggesting one. The reward is a healthy baby, no matter how he or she gets here.