3rd shift or schedules

I know they say “diabetics can do anything,” but sometimes i think it’s not true. I work 3rd shift and try to keep on a normal schedule, but my work needs somebody to work sunday during the day. T

his would mean i could either try and lose some sleep saturday morning(when i get off), and try to sleep normal Saturday night to wake up and go to work at 9:30, and then i would have to try and fix my sleep schedule before the next work day but losing (or sometimes over sleeping) the next day.

OR i could try and stay up till 2 in the afternoon and go to work, and just stay up late on the weekend. But my job is kinda physical and i’m always worn out right after work and want to sleep. I tried to stay up till 2 all this week and i feel like i’m in a haze.

I feel bad that i can’t help out at work, that i can’t work like crazy like i did before i was diagnosed(then again i was very high for who knows how long).

What should i do? No work sundays? it’s not required of me, but i feel like i’m missing out on money and learning some new stuff. There is a possibility that if i work sunday i can have monday off.

Is it really worth if my blood sugar won’t be good for 2-3days.( i do shots)

>< anybody else work a crazy schedule? Working 3rd shift is hard to fit good sleep and accomplishing things during the day.


You need to take care of yourself FIRST, or you will not be able to take care of other things. I learned this the HARD way, just a year ago! Had to leave my job because I put everyone and everything before me. Still do it sometimes, getting better at putting me first and this diabetes life. HARD for sure. I am learning to say no…must be my old age creeping up on me (ha ha). Just realize how important YOU are.

I used to do swing shifts. It wrecked havoc on my blood sugars even when I used an insulin pump. I couldn’t even imagine doing it on MDI. I had to switch to a regular shift, due to my health declining.

I would do what keeps you healthy. Money does not buy happiness, nor can it correct the damage to your health that you are experiencing.

nobody else try to swing crazy schedules? I took a nap when i got home from work sat morning and then stayed up till 10 p.m., then went to bed and woke up to go to work on sunday morning. Felt tired all 5 hours of work, didn’t really feel hungry, barely ate, etc. I went to sleep at 7p.m. sunday and woke up monday morning. Now i’m tired again in the after noon. And i gotta work tomorrow. But i miss working in the day time… Can’t wait till they lay people off at my work.

Hi Domo! My Hubby is type 2. He was working 3rd shift 12:00 to 8:00. His BG #'s were out of this universe horrible. His endo wrote his employers a letter requesting that they move him to a different shift so that he may have a normal sleep schedule. They did this, he is now on 2nd shift which is 3:00 to 12:00, he gets sleep like most normal people and his numbers are much better. He also feels that he has much more of a normal life now. Is there any way you could switch shifts? I think personally that the main thing is to maintain a normal sleep and wake schedule. SO on your days off you stay in the same schedule. Kinda hard when you are wanting to spend time with other normal people. :smiley: Just my 2cents.