41 years and five years

41 years with my best friend Type 1 and 5 years of living with my repaired heart… and today so many friends with me. It’s why I feel so happy. I’m not a sad woman, I like to smile and laugh. A few years ago I was thinking that insulins gave me this happy feeling. oh, yes, sometimes I was angry against all the world because I was ill, and the years passed, I grew older (outside) and this feeling is gone. 41 years, many years in the dark, lots of highs, many lows, a “normal” life, boyfriends, friends but no others diabetics around me. It’s difficult for us to have new friends: when it’s time to say “I have dibetes” the sound of silence is coming …41 years and now I’m taping on my Mac and writing words about myself, my feelings for my friends from all around the world. I must tell you they have diabetes and they are on the web. Sometimes I imagine them with the help of those beautiful photos. Five years with my mended shoes ,no my mended HEART! and my life goes slowly because I’m afraid. I don’t forget all the pain in my body. But I wake up every morning, taking my Lantus and wondering if there will be the dream pump today in France. My dream is a pump with a glucometer inside, and all very small.
September is not a good month: I’m back from my vacation, it’s the birthday of my Type 1and my heart, and it rains and it’s cold outside. Where is the sun? On Tudiabetes maybe, it’s such a good time to read all the stories, real stories.
My heart is full of joy, today and like my favorite singer sings “I’m happy ,hope you’re happy too”.

Hi Brigitte! Glad to see you here again!

Wow, so many years with lots of struggles. Yes, it’s easier to know that you have friends that understand!!