6 years ago

6 years ago today, I was in the hospital ( a “clinique”) for my open heart surgery and I a few days after ( 2 days after) I really didn’t know if I will walk, live again… sad days and so much pain. But I wanted to live and it was a new life, maybe a little slow life. Today I feel fine and I want to tell all my friends that we are very strong and as I like to say: tomorrow is another day! I was thinking that my new life will be a slow life? I just came back from holidays and I made a roof with my sister Maud and it was a very hot summer and a man’s work, but as someone I love said, we can so I can. Life is strange, hard but we must live with our diabetes. I will see my Endo at the end of the month and I really think she will be angry because : 1) I swithch my Lantus to Levemir, 2) I was afraid about lows at night, this summer because I was tired, so I eat a little too much and woke up in the morning with more than 200mg of sugar in my blood … I 'll hear her voice tell me “back to Lantus”! (thank you, never again) but I really don’t care, I’m not afraid about her and I think I’ll find the solution. So I wrote those words maybe only to tell the world that I’m alive and very happy! Hope you’re happy too.

I am glad you are happy and even more glad you are Alive! I say that the sun brings a new day for us why not be happy! :smiley: Good luck!!

Brigitte - the way you have worded your feelings - is EXACTLY how I feel with my diabetes. We are alive and happy (VERY) - yes - once inawhile our our blood sugar isn’t perfect - but I never claimed to be perfect - my flaws are what makes me what I am.
BTW, I celebrated my anniversary of D this summer - not sure of the exact date - either July/August - but I always think of myself as becoming a true diabetic when I went to school in the summer of 1968 (a few weeks late - as I spent a month in the hospital - they didn’t know what to do with young children in those days - we were a rare breed). So, congratulations - clap, clap, clap to another great year of life here on our big blue marble!!!