504? I'm Canadian, please explain

In Canada there is only ONE Province that has any regulations for Diabetic children in schools. I’m in Alberta and I want to get involved in making a change. I have read about parents in the States trying to get a 504 in place in their child’s school. What exactly is a 504?

Thank you in advance.

504 plan described in detail here


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Chris’smom …I noticed , that you and others made a comment regarding this very important subject on the TUDIABETES Canadian site as well . I like to suggest again to follow the CDA’s ground work …why re-invent the wheel ? See my comment .
I know a teacher in my town who is an insulin pumper , teaches a class with special needs students and one of the students has type 1 diabetes , besides other needs.She has been given the OK by the student’s parents to administer insulin and other protocols to keep the student safe during class hours. She maybe the only one teacher in BC doing this , however change is coming . And I am happy to read, that you and others want to advocate for all kids with diabetes.
There is a Provincial Election scheduled in BC for May 12 …a good time to talk to the politicians .

Actually, this morning before I read your reply, I did find that letter and sent off to my MLA. I am definitely going to get more involved in making the schools more welcoming for Diabetic children. What they have set up right now is pathetic (at least in Alberta it is).

Good on you Chris’s MOM and I would recommend , that parents , grand parents , neighbours, friends , parents of school kids , other interested people do what you did …across our great Nation …have we been too quiet too long ??
signed : me , living with type 1 since 1983 , diagnosed at age 42 1/2 ( makes me 68 plus !!) , insulin pumper since 2001

A 504 is for children with special needs but not necessarily a learning disability. We just got our daughter’s 504 in place at her school after she was diagnosed diabetic. In our case, our daughter is the only Double Diabetic (Type 2 diabetes leading to Type 1) within the school district. The other diabetic children are all Type 1 on pumps. For our 504 we had to meet with the school administration, the Special Education Coordinator, the kitchen staff, the principal and the school nurse and her classroom teachers. We sat down and discussed her diet, her classroom needs, how her medication affects her while in school, medication schedule and the need to have water and bathroom breaks as often as she needed. There were letters from the doctor that confirmed her condition and what the doctor expected as well as a discussion as to what we as parents expected from the school and in turn what the school expected from us. If ever anyone at the school has any questions about Laura’s condition or diet changes etc, they call me and I make the final decision. Laura also has Hypothyroidism and Addison’s Disease, and each medication she takes has their own rules, such as with the Synthroid for her Thyroid condition has to be taken at least 1 hour prior to her having any soy products and she cannot have any vitamins or mineral supplements for at least 4hrs after taking this medication. She is on 2 steroid type medications for the Addison’s and has to take some during school hours as with her diabetes medication being taken during school hours.
Basically a 504 just insures everyone that deals with our daughter within the school has a clear understanding of all of her diseases, medications, and general needs while in their care. It’s also a protection plan for Laura that she is treated fairly and as normal as possible and not neglected while at school or denied certain privileges other students wouldn’t need that she may have to have.
The school also gets extra funding much like doing an IEP for students with learning disabilities by putting a 504 into action.
I hope this helps you understand a 504, since we just went through this for our daughter I’m fairly new to the process.

In B.C. a 504 is the same as an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Not enough at all BUT a designation for a chronic health condition that affects learning gives the kids a support worker (at least some of the time) and gives the school extra finds to help manage the diabetes. Also, diabetic kids in B.C. should have a care plan that must be followed to ensure the child’s safety and minimize the school’s liability.