Long termer

I recently passed year 56. My advice, control and learn. One thing I have learned is all of us long-termers are OCD. In 1957 I was told I had to take shots, I said fine but I am giving them. I started injecting when I was 5. I have given myself about 75000 shots. My highest BS was 880, when they flew me out of the Wyoming mountains when backpacking in 1978, before we could test blood glucose. My lowest was 15 when I was in the hospital at age 10. The most important thing you must do is do what you have to do, if you do not you will be unhappy with the results. I have watched so many people die because they will not accept reality.
All of you take care, remember God/Jesus is with you always.

"Do what you have to do" - that's exactly what it boils down to. (40 years for me).

Respect to the Old Timers! Sorry: Long-termers…

Congrats on your long term success with diabetes management. I agree that accepting responsibility for diabetes and doing whatever it takes are key components to success. I believe that “OCD” is driven by individual perspective. I don’t think that the average non-diabetic appreciates how high the personal stakes are long term for diabetes. They often see D management as shooting some vague amount of insulin and then eating like normal. They’re often distracted by the notion of giving yourself shots, a habit so routine to us as to make it as eventful as using the restroom.

I’ll have 30 years with D in January.

Test, take meds, test, take meds, control your food intake, test!!!

Wow! Good for you. :) I'll have D for 52 years in December. You were brave when you were little. I preferred someone else give me the shot, not that I wanted it. I'm only a "little bit" OCD. :P

I have watched so many people die because they will not accept reality. I agree. Sad but true. It would be great if people with Diabetes went through their grief phase but then come out automatically with acceptance in short term. I wish them all well.

A Big congrats on your 56 years with Diabetes.
Continue your fastidious self care. It becomes you.

You are the man Kirk! You have inspired me since the early days of the DOC. Keep on fighting the good fight.

I have had diabetes for 46 years, I agree with you Kirk:Test, take meds, test, take meds, control your food intake, test!!! However, I am not at all OCD, just vigilante. And HE is with us always. Thanks , Kirk

God Bless,

40 Years for me on June 21. From Day 1 I gave my own injections. I even ask if I can give my own Flu shots, everything, I hate someone else giving me an injection. i swear I can lay the ti[ of a needle on my skin and tell if giving the injection in that location will hurt. People do not get that about diabetics, once we learn to inject, control is difficult to give up. At least it is for me. I do not mind an injection, I never have but it is 20 times better if I can do it myself.

Same here, I hate shots and drawing of blood at Dr office. Must be a control issue! One time I nearly passed out and had to lay down for a few minutes.