6.6 a1c

Went to the endo yesterday for the results of my first A1c since starting the Omnipod. I went from a 10.4 to a 6.6!!! I was on MDI for 3 years previous and couldn’t get my A1C to drop below 9. I’ve had a few pod failures (priming) 2 occlusions and I’ve knocked off a pod or two while gardening, but it’s worth it. I can’t wait till my next test!!

Wow! This is awesome! Have you changed your diet at all? That is a hugh difference. You deserve a high five! :slight_smile:

I’ve been more careful and of course really counting carbs carefully. But I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand that limited my exercise, so I was really surprised. I just think it’s be able to adjust my BG easier.

Congrats, Michelle. The 6s feel great, don’t they?!

I definetly hope we can get one of those one day, the pump and the 6s :slight_smile:
Great jop though, keep it going and good luck


Congratulations, that is AMAZING!!!

Yay! Mines at a 6.6 too! I started Omnipod last January and was struggling before then as well. Great job! Doesn’t it feel amazing? I want to print out a big 6.6 for my wall ; )

Great news! Pat yourself on the back and accept the high fives all around. Way to go!

That’s awesome! I did almost the same thing, mine is down to 8.3 now but b/f omnipod it was well up to 12!
I’ve only had one pod failure and I can definitely live with that!
Good for you!!

Wow Michelle! Many congrats to you. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: I love your last line… “I can’t wait till my next test!!” What a wonderful attitude you have!


Amazing! Congrats!

The OPod helped, but you worked hard to get there…Good job!