Great news!

Well in May I went from MDI to my ping and my A1C was 8 and this morning I got a call and they told me it was 6.4. Yeah that is so much better. I had a rough time at first then I started having to use 200 units a day of novolog and now switch to u500. My blood sugar is doing so much better and the A1c proves it. I feel like I have documentation that my sugar really is doing better. This is just great news to me especially while I am having so many other bad things going on.

What fabulous news! Congratulations! Yay for the pump, but also was due to all your hard work.

Very happy for you! Congratulations.

Thank you both very much. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of frustrating moments but finally it is showing progress in the right direction.

Wow! That’s a huge difference! Keep up the great work!

Congratulations Cathy! This is indeed great news! Hard work and persistence does pay off! Way to go!

AWESOME! What a great a1c! It is a credit to how hard you have been working at this! YOU ROCK!

Thank you so much. I sure feel better having lower sugars too. I don’t feel as sluggish.