Animas now part of Medtronic: making the change

My daughter got her animas ping last year and has loved it. Since Medtronic now owns Animas, we will be getting her supplies through them. But, I’m not sure when she will need to switch to a Medtronic system. I’ve had a MiniMed/Medtronic pump for 27 years, with the linked CGM for 11 years, so am comfortable with their devices. But my daughter loves her ping…
How are the rest of you dealing with the transition? Has anyone ordered new Animas supplies through Medtronic yet? Any issues come up?

You and your daughter are diabetic? Wow I feel for you.

I use a third party supplier (Byram). They said they will have supplies to 9/19. My Ping is good to 2021 but I have a Revel my HMO bought me and it is good to 2020, so I am not worried much.
Medtronic will supposedly have the supplies you need until that 2019 date, but of course they want you to switch when the offer is made to do so. The 630 is still being offered but I think they may pop an offer in for the newer pump. I was in on a survey group, I dont think I am allowed to say much but they do have plans to make this easy (supposedly). Insulet had a nice trial offer in December, but they failed to get me any type of insurance quote so I didn’t try the pod system. I hope we have more choices in 2019.
If you can get supplies from anywhere, and stock up, you ought to be good for awhile Just if the Ping dies, then how long replacement Vibes are available is anyone’s guess. Btw, there is a fairly active Animas group on Facebook that often posts helpful info.

I am on day one of medtronic 630 with dexcom cgm. Insurance will onlycover dexcom cgm. I love my ping but was told I could only get supplies until April. To behonest, I am not at all happy with this pump. Cant bolus with my meter like I used to. I have cried and cried because I have been lied to by so many people. Anyone else have this problem?


Supplies are available until 9/19. I was just in a survey group covering this, you can definitely get supplies for your Animas until that date. What date they will be moved to medtronic from Animas, I do not know. Perhaps they are already selling them? But the date is accurate and Medtronic should be informing people soon. Also, if you can use a third party, places like Byram have supplies still. And I dont know if Tandem supplies have changed yet, but if they are still offering the same sets you can use them. There is a nice group of Animas users on Facebook if you need more people to discuss with! (Also, usually your insurance will let you order supplies for two pumps at the same time, as long as you dont try to make double orders.)

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i havent ordered my supplies through them yet. i go through CCS medical. with the transition from what im told is animas users will get the 630G instead of the 670G. i was also told by sept the supplies wont be available. at least that is what the rep told me over the phone. so i guess they want you to make the switch soon. my warranty ends next year in sept. so i still havent made the switch yet.

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They let it slip to me that they don’t get enough reimbursement for the 670. Even though my insurance approved the670. Anyone have trouble with a woman going by the name Lexi? I have caught her in so many lies. My doc wanted me on the670 due to my not feeling highs and lows until really bad.

My guess is they want to sell all 5hese new pumps. Our rep is being let go because of lack is sales. Medtronic reps are only into selling. My educator said I can only get Animas supplies until this coming April 2018. Why all the different dates?

No, the end of supplies is Sept 2019. In the group I was in (focus group) they hinted at something for the 670 but I dont know…

That is not the correct date, and again in the group I was a part of they did say 9/19.

Good to know, I will stay on my ping until I can no longr get supplies.

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It jarred my nerves yesterday when I called Animas tech support and Medtonic answered. Needed help with a now out of warranty Ping that ‘occlusion’ four times in 33 hours. I really wish Animas were still here. Having issues getting Tslim…now say at least 45 days.

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Ick. I dont like hearing they have tech support already…

Thanks so much! I will look for the FB group

Thanks so much, Laura, for all of the information!

Susan, I was jarred way back when when MiniMed became Medtronic, and still think of my pump and sensor as being MiniMed. There is definitely some growing pains whenever this happens… ugh

Jewels, I will figure out who my usual Medtronic/MiniMed two is and get her info to you. Was a he, now a she, but has been very helpful and pushed for me several times when I needed the help for my own pump and sensor.

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I do know from a nurse educator friend who has ties that there is so much demand for the 670 system that it’s is harder to get one and the supplies. My endo also suggested waiting until things “even out” from the company side. I have the Paradigm system with sensor, and though it’s not as new and upgraded as the new system, the integrated sensor, predictive alarms, and threshold suspend (turns off insulin delivery if going low and you don’t respond to the alarms) have helped me immensely. The threshold suspend has saved me from many, many severe lows, and both that and the predictive (you are going high/low, Greta!!) have been incredibly helpful, particularly overnight or when I am distracted.

Since your doc is concerned about your safety, that may be a better solution if you can’t get the 670 system. But, don’t loose faith: if your insurance covers it, let’s advocate (as much work as it is) and get you what you want.
Too bad for them if they don’t get as much reimbursement! If you get that same rep on the phone, please ask for someone else or her manager. In past, the people at MiniMed/Medtronic have cared for my health and well-being, helped me in many tight situations, and always come through. I’ve had MiniMed since 1996…
I am sure, and it sounds like from many people, that there are a ton of issues right now: like an unsmooth political transfer of power. Companies merging always means growing pains and in this case, lots of upheaval. Just what those of us with diabetes most need, right? More stress?!?
Please remember you are a strong and capable woman with diabetes, with a supportive medical team and good insurance (!!), and as frustrating as it is, you can advocate for yourself as the survivor you are.

Hi Kelvin; I’ve had T1 since age 7 and she developed at age 8. But, at least this is a disease we know verrrrrrry well. As tough as it is (guilt? Who me?), I am thankful every day that her condition is familiar to me, a language I already speak and that my family knows well… and when things are hard, it really helps me empathize with how very much harder this is for anyone for whom T1D is new. This is one complex and constantly changing condition!
My endo and the team at Joslin has been incredibly supportive, and for all of the bad stuff that can come along, I know that there are so many groups, teams, and systems in place to help support our family!
TuDiabetes Forum is a newer find for me, but what an awesome and diverse group of people and experiences.

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