670g Expiration Date

So I purchased this 670g before my insulin delivery system at the time ran out of warranty (gasp). I’m wondering if there’s a way to know when my current warranty will run up on this pump and how Medtronic can tell? I’m assuming it’s by the pump serial number but I’m not certain. I could call and ask but I don’t want to raise any red flags if I’m already over the line.

Look at your orders on their site - it will tell you when it expires -

look at order history


Of course this is no help if you did not get it from them

I would call Tech Support and ask them. Yes - based on Serial Number.

I don’t think tech support could care less about who paid what when.
Unless Medtronic hires evil tech support people.
But I doubt it. I think more likely (with no guarantee) that most tech support people are truly there to help you and will simply answer a basic question that like with no blowback.

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Medtronic doesn’t care when your warranty is up. They would sell you a new pump every month if they could. Now your insurance does care about the warranty date.

Yeah,I’d just call. I called them after I switched companies to verify how many pumps I had when I was with them. It wasn’t an issue at all.

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In may 2018 you posted about being a 670 newbie. Is that when you started using it? Did you purchase it from medtronic or supplier? Warranty is usually 4 years from date shipped.

Or in some cases, medtronic offers upgrade deals, while you still have an in warranty pump, I think called Pathways. If you used Pathway, you probably paid upgrade (lower) price, and warranty period is whatever your original pump was. And you would likely have to return the 670 pump, or pay more to keep it.

Thanks @Tim35, sometimes I have to remind myself that they are people, some who actually have diabetes, and not “out to get me.” The lady I spoke with yesterday about a different issue kept asking for the expiration dates of my sets and reservoirs so comments like that do cause a bit of a concern in my mind.

Yes, it’s been roughly a year since I purchased the pump. If I remember correctly the rep I spoke with said I would run out of warranty after just 2 years as opposed to the 4. I didn’t realize there was a Pathway but I paid full price for the insulin pump.

If you paid full price, you should have 4 year warranty from purchase date, not 2. Try to get something in writing from Medtronic. They should tell you the dates and terms of your warranty.

Thanks for that info @MM1, I’ve got some digging to do.