Medtronic Pump Warranty

I wonder if there are any stats on how many MM pumps last beyond their warranty and for how long.

My first one died pretty close to warranty expiration.

My warranty on my current pump expires in April and I was wondering how long I could go without purchasing a new one.

Any ideas?

Hi Karen,

I had a 507 pump before this 522 model and that pump lasted for 10 years! My current pump warranty ends in June, and I’ll keep wearing this one as it is operating just fine. The one before that 507 was six years or so. My 506 and 507 pumps were replaced because I broke them. These were the kind that had swing doors for the res on them, and screws that you had to clean with a brush. The newer pumps are WAY better and I think plenty durable.

I should add that I drive my cars until the wheels fall off :slight_smile:

Karen , my 522 lasted about 3 years plus past warrenty ( June 27, 2007 ). the only problem I can/could not download the CareLink program ( was told the memory in my pump was " corrupted " ) …I upgraded at every possibility …I believe , it makes a difference if one does upgrade or not ?
I started my Veo last Thursday .