670G: False Alarms for Insulin Flow Blocked

I have recently started getting more Insulin Flow Blocked messages than usual. People would normally just tell you to change the infusion set and everything should be fine. That’s what I used to do with all my previous pumps, because the message was correct (the pump really was blocked), but these messages are not correct. My numbers had been perfect all day, I had not been laying in any strange positions (actually, I had been sitting down or walking around for hours), not wearing any clothes that could be tight or anything else. This message instantly turns off Auto Mode, so what I do is turn Auto Mode back on, do the Enter BG that it asks for, and then everything is back to normal. Then a couple days later (sometimes I have changed the infusion set since then, sometimes not), I get the message again, and do everything again. So it is not a major problem, since all I need to do is an extra BG, but it is definitely a pain in the neck, especially if it happens while not at home (since I can’t do a BG until I get home). The strange thing is that it started happening unexpectedly (I had not started using a new site, new model of infusion set, or made any other changes). Has anybody else had this problem?

It has happened to me on several unexplained occasions. If I am not at home, I just enter the last BG recorded on my meter by my CGM.

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I’m experiencing the very same thing. I keep getting insulin flow blocked alarm. I have changed my infusion sets, changed my sights I’ve tried everything and I still keep getting this alarm. I’ve we t through so many infusion sets. I Called Medtronic we went through all the trouble shooting methods and they said to maybe have doctor prescribe a different brand of infusion sets. Could it possibly be the pump itself ? I will rewind pump and unhook reservoir and it will work for around 3 hours then I get the alarm again. It’s driving me crazy !

Have this problem now occurring, random failure to deliver insulin and rebooting the process to get the pump going again. So…does anyone recall if this problem started after uploading to carelink prior to this happening?

I had this happen and unfortunately it was a big issue. I was on a ten hour drive going home from a trip, my blood sugar skyrocketed. I had experienced the alarms previously and changed sites, had been sent a new insertion device. I called minimed and demanded a brand new pump, not a refurbished one which is what they usually send. I received it that night via emergency federal express. I haven’t had any issues since. I believe there may be some pumps with glitches out there. I must say that minimed was very cooperative and professional about the whole thing.

The vast majority of no-delivery alarms are caused by the usage of cannula sets. They are prone to kinking. Steel sets, obviously can’t kink. I nearly quite pumping due to frequently kinked Quick Sets. A switch to Sure-T’s fixed that. I’ll get an occlusion in a Sure-T about once every year and a half or more–far better than two kinked cannulas per week, using Quick Sets. Having said that, if the pressure sensor goes wonky in the pump, it can falsely alarm.

Since swapping in a new pump seems to have cured the problem, I’d have to agree with @Dave44 that it may have been the back-pressure sensor. I haven’t seen an actual recall on this but I have seen others complaining about false occlusion alerts with the 670, especially early on after they came on the market.

And welcome to TUD Yolanda, hope you stick around!

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Many, many years ago I had a Paradigm pump (probably a 515) that kept throwing no-delivery alarms and when I’d pull the sets, they seemed usually OK. It was hard to discern between pump issues and sets, because that’s when I was using the sets I malign the most–Quick Sets. :slight_smile: Anyway, after requesting that the pump be replaced, I had fewer alarms, but it wasn’t proof-positive that the pump had a bad sensor. It was more of a gut feeling than anything.

The above in no way detracts from my oft-mentioned issue with near-constant no-delivery alarms, as when pulled, the sets were OBVIOUSLY KINKED (other than those mentioned above)

I had two blocked flow alarms in past two days. I ignored both and pump continued to operate properly after each.

I rarely get insulin flow blocked alarms with my 670G using Medtronic Quicksets and reservoirs but when I do I detach/reattach the luer lock connection which usually resolves the problem. In addition, when doing a set change make sure the connector from the reservoir is completely attached to the infusion set connection (I use a little force to make sure the needle breaks through. In addition, during the prime of the set, watch the insulin flow in the tubing down to the cannula to make certain insulin is flowing well.

I get them all the time. I had to replace my pump because I was getting them so frequently. It even gave me an insulin flow blocked error when I was replacing the reservoir, so I figured it was an error with the piston or the motor. The replacement pump still gives me the error frequently, starting about a day after I do a set change. Since I can’t afford to change the set daily, I usually remove the reservoir from the pump and then enter the bolus amount. When it is finished delivering I screw the reservoir back in (while still plugged into the insertion site) which pushes the insulin though.

I have tried moving sites and changing to the silhouette insertion device, but both the quick insert and the silhouette give me the same problem. I never had this issue with my 630g, paradigm 512, or minimed 507.

You didn’t mention Sure-T. Those are the ones that seldom will occlude and of course, they can’t BEND! :slight_smile: I used to get as many as two bent cannulas per week when I used Quick Sets. Had to switch or I would have given up pumping.

I have been getting many insulin flow blocked errors too. I couldn’t find out the root cause. Lines prime okay manually, so i suspected my cannula was kinked, but when i remove the cannula from my body, it’s not kinked and it primes okay using a plunger. So I was told it could be scarring underneath the skin, there is no proof of this, but that’s the only explanation the helpline can offer with their checklist :frowning: .

I’m wondering whether this is just a medtronic thing or does Tandem users also experience chronic blockages with the pump. Would I be better off trying a new pump from Tandem the next time I need to get one?

For people that experience blockages on the medtronic, what brand of insulin are you using? I also read somewhere that some insulins are prone to blockages. But my first few years pumping with this brand of insulin was flawless, so why is it blocking now? I’m using Apidra by the way.

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A switch to Sure-T’s fixed that

I have the same experience, i wish i switched to the Sure-T infusion set much earlier, very reliable…


Me too! I could have used them at least several years prior to when I switched.

It doesn’t matter if u don’t think the cannulas are kinked or not, when u remove them. Try 2 different-length needles of the Sure-T type and then decide which of the 2 lengths work best. You should be able to get free samples from Medtronic support if cost is a concern. Then after u decide which works best, have your doc write a revised Rx for the one you like best.

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