670G: False Alarms for Insulin Flow Blocked


I have recently started getting more Insulin Flow Blocked messages than usual. People would normally just tell you to change the infusion set and everything should be fine. That’s what I used to do with all my previous pumps, because the message was correct (the pump really was blocked), but these messages are not correct. My numbers had been perfect all day, I had not been laying in any strange positions (actually, I had been sitting down or walking around for hours), not wearing any clothes that could be tight or anything else. This message instantly turns off Auto Mode, so what I do is turn Auto Mode back on, do the Enter BG that it asks for, and then everything is back to normal. Then a couple days later (sometimes I have changed the infusion set since then, sometimes not), I get the message again, and do everything again. So it is not a major problem, since all I need to do is an extra BG, but it is definitely a pain in the neck, especially if it happens while not at home (since I can’t do a BG until I get home). The strange thing is that it started happening unexpectedly (I had not started using a new site, new model of infusion set, or made any other changes). Has anybody else had this problem?


It has happened to me on several unexplained occasions. If I am not at home, I just enter the last BG recorded on my meter by my CGM.


Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I’m experiencing the very same thing. I keep getting insulin flow blocked alarm. I have changed my infusion sets, changed my sights I’ve tried everything and I still keep getting this alarm. I’ve we t through so many infusion sets. I Called Medtronic we went through all the trouble shooting methods and they said to maybe have doctor prescribe a different brand of infusion sets. Could it possibly be the pump itself ? I will rewind pump and unhook reservoir and it will work for around 3 hours then I get the alarm again. It’s driving me crazy !


Have this problem now occurring, random failure to deliver insulin and rebooting the process to get the pump going again. So…does anyone recall if this problem started after uploading to carelink prior to this happening?