670 Frustrations. Please Help!

Hoping to get some advice here. I got hooked up to the 670 on Monday. So far, I’m extremely frustrated.

I’ve been bouncing from 40 to 300 for two days and the corrections are off. After dinner last night I was 300 and it only corrected me .10. This morning I was 180 and it only corrected me .30. My vibe would’ve corrected me 1.30. I know because I have my vibe filled with a water cartridge so I can compare boluses.

the cgm hasn’t picked up all morning for about 5 hours.

With my vibe if I noticed an air bubble I could prime the tubing to get rid of the air bubble but I don’t see a way to do that with the 670…anyone have a solution for this. This could be a deal breaker for me.

Is there a way to send this pump back. Im ready to throw in the proverbial towel.

My daughter also just started on the 670g Monday and we are loving it. I wondered the exact same thing about corrections - it won’t let you correct a normal correction in auto. But this is what I found out. It corrects you to 150 but then uses the microbasals to do the rest.
Also the pump is learning you initially (I guess you could say ) and I think after it starts to get some patterns down it will work a lot better. I know we were told to give it a week before we started auto mode. We also saw giant fluctuations in numbers and I’m hoping they will subside over time. Every day seems a little better then the last
I can’t speak to your cgm issues but I can say that we have found the guardian to be super accurate. We used to have dex and I thought it wouldn’t be as accurate but it is.
Hang in there

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There’s a woman in our Type 1 group in Seattle who’s had it for a few years She was in a study and they told Medtronic, “we don’t wanna give it back.” So after convincing the FDA and Medtronic, they got to keep them.

Last week we had another woman from our Type 1 consort give an update on her use of a DYI APS (Artificial Pancreas System).

Both women said they had to give their setups time to adjust to them and that it was initially annoying. It’s hard to give a machine more control over something that so affects your life. Give it a little time (but also keep track of what’s happening if/when you have to call Medtronic).

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I can’t speak to the 670, but I can confirm what @Timbeak48 is saying with regard to Loop. It took trial and error and therefore patience to figure out settings and to learn this new way of thinking, but it was well worth it!

I’ve heard other 670 express frustration about the manual mode, but again say they had success with auto mode after waiting it out. I would hang in there a bit longer! Good luck! It’s exciting to hear from so many new 679 users!!

I’ve been on the 670g for 6 weeks now. It took about 5 weeks to get me figured out. Your first post left out a lot of needed information to help you. Are you in manual mode or auto mode? How long were you in manual mode before you turned auto mode on? We will start with that.

I’ve never troubled with airbubbles in my line because I make sure there are none. You can always go to “Resevoir and Tubing” in “Options” and clear the line. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

It took a week for my night numbers to start to get right. It is really great to always be in the 130 range when I wake up.

It is starting to finally get my after breakfast spike under control in a reasonable time. I did tweak the settings, even when I was told not to. I changed my carb ratio a tiny bit and my insulin sensitivity a tiny bit a week ago. Since then everything has improved.

It works different than your Vibe. It does the thinking but not until you are in auto mode will you see that. Your post makes it sound like you are in manual mode and expecting it to work like it’s in auto mode so please clarify so those of us using this system can help. Thanks.

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