Sensors and 670g

Anyone wearing the new Guardian sensors longer than 7 days? I always extended my Enlites out by an extra week. Will this work with the Auto Mode or is the 670g “too smart” to be tricked? Anyone actually tried it yet?

Ahhhh questions you can’t ask the pump trainer, lol

There are many tips on how to do this in the various 670G threads…but I pretty much wear mine 14 days at a time. On the 7th day I disconnect the transmitter, charge it, reconnect it, and start new sensor. I know DrBB does 2 weeks but he doesnt disconnect his.

As @DanP says, you can definitely do this. Some people find it necessary to recharge the transmitter, but I never did. For one thing, I couldn’t get all that tape off without accidentally yanking the whole sensor out, and for another I seemed to always have plenty of battery power left for the whole second session. Not sure why battery usage varies between people but apparently mine was relatively low. System seems to let you keep going until it gets down to about 30% and then it really demands you charge the thing, which was the limit for me, right around the 14 day mark.

I never used Enlites but I gather it’s pretty much the same procedure. Stop the sensor; disconnect the transmitter from the sensor–I found a quarter inch separation sufficient–wait 15 seconds or so; then push the connector back in until it clicks, watch for the green flashing light, then turn the sensor back on and select new session from the sensor connection menu.

Thank you both so much! I will try it!

DrBB…taking the transmitter off without yanking out the sensor requires creative taping lol

The first few times I just tried starting new sensor is it always recognized the “new” sensor as the existing. I remember reading somewhere the pump knows what the last battery level was and determined a new sensor from that, so started charging the transmitter in between sessions.

Since you dont need to do that that was a false piece of info, but its habit for me now so meh. Whatever works, right?

Yeah, I read a number of descriptions of how to do it, all fairly elaborate, until I came across someone who said you just have to switch sensor off, squeeze the connection apart for ten or fifteen seconds, then click it back in and go from there. Up until then it seemed like too much bother, but I tried it and it worked.