69'th Birthday Today/ 63'rd Anniversary Monday

I am 69 today. I will celebrate the 63’rd anniversary of my diagnosis on Mon, Sept 15. I still do not have any complications. I am a very lucky man!

So, how did I celebrate my birthday today? I took my wife to a dentist to have her tooth pulled. Then to the drug store to get her pain pills. This afternoon I painted part of the front of my house. How was that for a great birthday? Lol! We do plan going to a movie and eating out later this week, if I’m not too tired. Lol!

Happy BIRTHDAY, Richard!!!

We are proud to know you and proud to learn from you.

Enjoy the rest of your birthday/anniversary week, our friend!

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Happy Birthday Richard!!! I hope you enjoy your movie! I can’t wait to say I lived 64 years with diabetes and if the good Lord’s willing w/o complications.

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Hope you have had a great birthday. Also a huge congratulations on living with diabetes fro 63 years with no complications. Not a whole lot of people can say that.

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It is never late to wish you forever happiness and long long blessed life my friend,you and your family.

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I just want you to know how badly you are screwing up the standard deviation for diabetes actuaries.


A toast to your Coffin!
-may your coffin be made of the finest 100 year old oak - from the seedling you and I plant together, tomorrow!

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