A bad day of BS

Sometimes, I like that blood sugar is abbreviated “BS.” It’s rather appropriate right now.

It has not been a good morning. I was having a low yesterday evening in the hour before I went to bed. I think I over-counted the carbs I ate. Anyway, I had to fix the low and go to bed shortly after, so I wasn’t surprised when I woke up with my numbers a little high: 144.

So I bolused the correction and went on my way to exercise.

It seemed to stay steady during the entire hour at around 145. Then as soon as I got home it started to rise to 170. Then I bolused for a correction plus my 16 carb breakfast.

Now, my BS rising during exercise has been normal. We do a good mix of aerobic and anaerobic. I have a higher basal during exercise, but I’m not sure it’s quite perfect. I’m used to it temporarily rising during/shortly after exercise and coming back down later.

But oh no, not today! By the time I showered and got to work (hour+ later), it crawled up to around 190. It just wouldn’t go down. At all. Finally got mad and did a manual bolus (the pump was telling me I had more active insulin than what was needed for the correction, but I was at a steady 190 for two hours). It’s finally coming down now at 11:30. 150 and my CGMS trend is dropping slowly.

I hope I don’t crash in a bit because of the extra manual bolus. Then again, it makes me mad that this happened in the first place. So in a screwed-up way, I almost want it to go low so I don’t feel like I’m going insane.

One thing I will say about CGM–I tend to get obsessed when I’m climbing toward high BS. I want it fixed NOWNOWNOW. I have a real hard time keeping level headed and patient. This was never a problem before since I didn’t have a graph showing me what was going on at all times.

I hope I will continue to write in here about diabetes woes. It seems like a better place to vent than where I’ve chosen to in the past. We’ll see!

Hang in there…
Always so many questions and no answers for us. My day is going about the same, woke up at 145, ate 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast, now I’m at 165! Plus a co-worker brings in a fruit crisp and bananna bread, NO-FAIR!

Thank you both! :slight_smile:

And it is getting better. I was 87 before lunch. Hopefully the crazy is out of the way for the day!

we all have those “WTF” days… lol

Yeah I have those days like recently.You are not alone,but I know when it happens you can’t think that.I can see where a person can be obsessed with the graph.I don’t have the CGM and when I correct if it doesn’t go down within the hour I start to panic.Plus I have a doctor that is not very supportive on the pump.I am still trying to figure out my numbers.I keep trying to tell myself that things will be better.Think POSITIVE!