Crazy Day

Ok so like yesterday it was a struggle ALL day keeping my BS HIGH enough. Tody my BS at 930 2 hours after eating breakfast was 105...havent had anything to east since around 730 this am. NOW withing the last 15 min, my bs went for 163 to 177 to 156. That's insanity. I just find it strange how one day I hover in the upper 40's and cant seem to eat ENOUGH carbs, then the very next day. I go to this BULLCRAP!

I know everyone says this, but the 163 to 177 to 156 all fall within 10-15% of one another so those could be due to meter variable even if your blood sugar has stayed perfectly flat.

I know it drives me crazy how I can do the same thing each day and get totally different results, too.

Haha yeah I know, it's just crazy how it can be that much of a variable within 10 to 15 min, and THAT much of a jump from one day to the next. Is it next Tue yet? I go for pump training then, and while I know its not 100% either, I am SO hoping it's got to be some better than this.

What's even crazier I can go to the dentist which I find the most awful thing EVER to do, and was SURE after the anxiety provoking attack that was my BS would be sky rocketing, was 73...I get an annoying email that I was ranting to a friend about, lol and I go from low 100's to 177.

This place is great, while you know something is considered norm (whatever that is) when dealing with's great just to be able to rant about it too with people who get it. Thanks.

When I was about 13 and got braces they took like two and a half hours to put them on properly (the lady didn't know what she was doing and had to get help), and I went low while I was sitting there with my mouth open and braces half glued on. There was a dilemma about how to feed me and finally someone went and bought a juice box.

Ever since then I've been paranoid about going low in the dentist chair and I tend to purposefully run a bit high when I go (like 150s-180s) and then I give myself a correction as soon as I'm done the appointment. So far I've managed to not go low yet, thankfully!

Those numbers you're getting today don't seem that bad (at least not for me). I just tested pre-lunch and I was 188. Not ideal, but it was a busy morning and I was a tad long as I correct quickly, I am trying not to sweat it. Like you, I was LOW ALL DAY YESTERDAY. And it made for a very unproductive day. I barely got anything accomplished. Today, sitting in the mid to upper 100s I feel a lot better.

The readings you're seeing could just be meter variation (that good 'ol +/- 20%).

Thanks, there not to bad I don't guess but considering most days Im usually 80's to 100's before meals lol it might as well have said 350. Esp since I hadn't ate since 730 this morning and those were pre eating lunch. Good ole meter variation...gotta love it.

Gotta love those low all day days. I just feel drained...Here I am around 10 last night BS down to 47, I gobbled down about 20 carbs in glucose tablets and retested about 30 min later and was 45...Im like FFS. About to throw the darn meter across the room. Im tired I want to go to bed and yet Im still messing with this junk. I guess one good thing about unawareness IF there is...Im not shaking and jittery all the time. Still its very scary you can be sitting there with BS down to 45 and NOT feeling a thing.