A Bad Night of Lows

I made a mistake yesterday afternoon, overcorrected a random high of 293 (???) that proceeded a much desired Sunday dinner meal at 4.pm., went to a musical concert at my church, fasted the rest of the after noon and evening, went shopping at Walmart…by 9;45 I felt blood glucose slipping down, by 10;15 I checked and was at 67…I did not treat!!! Fell asleep on the sofa…A good friend to whom I had alerted about the low called me to ask about my treatment…I said “What low?” He talked me though pulling out the glucometer and testing, I was at 41… I treated with a 15 gram low sugar Capri sun juice and rebounded to 72 in 30 minutes, stayed up for a hour or so on the internet,.and checked my blood sugar before bed at 12 midnite, I was 80, so I went to bed. I had one of those horrible dreams that tend to alert me to get up when I am hypo, so I checked at 2;45a.am and I was 49 ; I treated with the jelly beans on my night stand and went back to sleep, I was too tired to wait the 15 minutes to check the accuracy,.I assumed they would work because they always do…Woke up to more weird dreams, emotionality, and great fatigue, many muscle and nerve aches , I tested and was 57 at 5;15 a.m., treated with another capri sun and 3 jelly beans for good measure…Up to 133 by 6:10 a.m., the hour I am finishing this post…I am exhausted and achy and have lingering malaise from the multiple lows. This has never happened to me before… I generally just go right back to normal sensations and energy levels after a low…Today I feel so drained…I am taking the day off ( Monday)to do some basal testing and rest, my kiddies and the testing and paperwork of my public school job will have to wait until Tuesday. I have to take care of ME before I can adequately work with them. It is fortunate that my CGMS from MM will be delivered on Wednesday of this week…Do I ever need it NOW!!!

God Bless

I’m sorry this happened to you, Brunetta. It sounds exhausting! I am so glad you took the day off today to rest and rejuvenate. You are right that you have nothing to give your students if you don’t take care of YOU. My only suggestion would be I wonder if today is really the right day for basal testing. I’ve never done that before, but doesn’t it involve fasting? Maybe today would be a better day to eat healthy, let you body recover and do the fasting/testing another day?

Take care of yourself, girl and enjoy your CGMS!