A bit about me

Took me a while to get to this but thought I should post a bit about me. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family. My dad has it and goth grandmothers have, and a few other more distant relatives. I knew my chances were pretty high of also developing diabetes if I didnt get my life in gear. Well I didnt get my life in gear and here I am.

I started off with gestational diabetes in 1997 with my last pregnancy. That was quite an experience.

Then in 2005 my daughter was referred to an endo by her pediatrician for some further testing. Luckily that didn't pan out and she is fine. But luckily we now had a glucose meter. Well off went our happy little family for chinese food one night. For some crazy reason I decided to test my sugar a few hours after that meal and I was in the high 400s. Scared the daylights out of me when I saw that number. I continued testing again the next day and all the numbers were still very, very high. So with no hesitation I called the doctor and got in right away. I told him right away I dont think I have diabetes, I know I have diabetes. So he got me started on 5 mg glipizide XL and I did fantastic. Lost lots of weight and worked my way down to fantastic numbers.

Then that doctor decided to close his office. So I moved on to a new family doctor. Right away he said that medication wasnt a good one for me and he would like to change it. He didnt change it right away though. He gave me some information he wanted me to study about the different types of diabetes drugs. Right away I was totally lost. I ended up going to this doctor for a few months and he never got around to changing my medication. So things started going downhill. My numbers started creeping back up because I wasnt taking good care of myself. I guess I went through a bit of denial.

After many, many months of neglecting myself I decided to switch to a new doctor. I luckily found a new doctor right away that I really like. Although he is slow and it takes hours when in his office LOL. He switched me over to 5/500 glyburide/metformin. It got my numbers under control but I was experiencing stomach distress and it gradually got worse and worse. After almost a year of suffering I realized it was the meds and discussed it with the doctor and he changed me to 5 glyburide and 15 Actos. I felt fine with it but all the information about Actos started to concern me.

This all brings me to my latest doctors apt which was yesterday. I discussed my concerns with the doctor and he was very receptive. I have a sit down, at the computer, job. I already have issues with my feet swelling because of my job and was concerned about the added effects of Actos. I told him I had read that metformin could be better on a persons stomach if it is extended release and he was willing to give it another try. So on we go to another medication change LOL. I have no idea why he felt it was necessary to change my glyburide but he did. He has put me back on glipizide xl, 10 mg this time around. We are going to start with that and if it keeps my numbers under control we will stick with it. He gave me a script for metformin hcl that we will add if the glipizide doesnt work on its own.

woo!!! that was a long winded post.....LOL...... but only because I appreciate any comments or recommendation on the medications. Or for that matter any topic :)

Have a great day y'all!

Hey Clairica…wow, you are being very diligent in your search for the correct meds. Good luck with that. You’d think that they would have it down by now,but…Having a desk job makes it hard to stay active, I’d imagine. Just keep at it, you surely sound motivated.