A celebration of life

I thought this was really amazing and i just had to share it with you guys…

“Your mom is now in heaven with your dad and uncle” Sr. Vicky said to Janice on June 6 when her brother and sisters came to tell her that her mother had passed away.

Janice paused for a moment and looked at her family memebers, smiled and shed a few tears as she hugged those in the circle

Over the next 3 days she spent time with her family and friends. Each night when she returned and shared about what they did and the main topic was great food!

On the day of the funeral she dressed in another new dress and went off with her family. Again she greeted those who gatherd.

The pastor of the church they were at conducted a celebration of the life and death of fern. Durring the service Jancine and her friend sang the song amazing grace

Since the funeral from time to time Janice prays for her mom dad and uncle durring night prayer and looks at her moms picture and says " i miss my mom "

My aunt lives at a place where people like her live. She has down syndrom and is a child at heart. One of the people who works there wrote this. I did keep somethings out but the important things are in. I just had to share cause it brought tears to my eyes

Beautiful story Anna.


Love the story, Anna!