A Comment About The Big Blue Test

I have already logged in a bunch of BBT's to my computer. In most instances my blood sugar has gone down, but there are a few cases where I started on the lowish side in the mid-80's and decided to bring some glucose tabs with me. I am glad I did that because I ended up eating a few during the long walk in the woods and low and behold my blood sugar pretty much remained static during the walk. I'm ok with my blood sugar not going low during exercise and I can't just do exercise for 14 minutes because that is as many have said ludicrous.

This year the input page has ranges for exercise, including "30 or more"

I'm going to do a one hour walk this afternoon. I usually walk 3 miles in an hour, on roads with hills. I want my BG to be about 110, and it may drop to about 80.


Excellent point. When we were putting together the questions for the Big Blue Test this year we took a lot of things into account and decided to add one question (time of last meal).

The tagline for The Big Blue Test is "Help Yourself. Help Others." And the "help yourself" doesn't necessarily refer to a drop in glucose levels (although the average participant last year saw a 20% drop in their glucose level). We're hoping that people will take the Big Blue Test often and see how easy it is to introduce 14-20 minutes of exercise into their lives.

And the end of the tagline...the "help others" is also really important. If we receive 20,000 Big Blue Tests, the program sponsors will be donating $100,000 to charities and nonprofit organizations around the world that are providing life-saving supplies and services. So we didn't want to create too many questions that would discourage folks from taking the test (over and over...and over).

You are right that Diabetes is a beast that is tamed through trial and error. And there are so many factors that come into play.

Thanks for the feedback!


I'd like to participate but I get a red circle with a / on the submit click on the BBT site.

And the question about moderate or vigorous is confusing. Not everyone is unable to walk and sing, or not be breathless with vigorous activity.


I just sent you a private message.

Thanks Mike - all is well now. It was me...not the test.