Big Blue Test results: TuDiabetes

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Thanks so much for doing this, Matt!! I went ahead and converted the above images into a Slideshare presentation for convenience:

Big Blue Test 2009 results: Tu Diabetes
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Performing some light analysis was the easy part. The way you organize, involve, and motivate people with diabetes is the hard part.
Excellent work. Quite inspiring!

Awesome, Matthew. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for organizing all the info. I was wondering what results we had! I really loved being a part of this event and the one on July 14 (I was crying alone in my room, but feeling a part of a larger community then…). I’ve always known how exercise was important and how it usually lowers one’s BG (I just met a person whose BG raises when exercising though!!! That was surprising!), so I think it was cool we did this. I like Jennifer’s comment, too!

I also remember a man who is not diabetic, but has a wife who has a disability–CP, or MS, I think—who said once to me, that he doesn’t do exercise for himself because of the dog, but does exercise because the dog needs it…

Anyway, I’m still working on continuing to exercise just because I know I need it… Rebecca [;D

Rebecca, Thanks for sharing, being apart of something bigger is so important. Also, a number of people said their non-diabetic parents/partners participated in the Big Blue Test. I did not include the people who did not have diabetes in these figures.

As a person with diabetes, my life is full of numbers. Kind of ironic for a person who managed to get out of taking any college math by substituting some biology classes and is forever tied to numbers now.

Most of them are numbers I don’t like (carb calculations, dose dial ups, high hellos, yada yada). But these numbers—people joining together in thought and deed to manage blood glucose levels and encourage others to do so—I love.

Thanks to all who organized and promoted and participated and reported July 14 and November 14. When’s the next test-in?!

i really,really,regret that i haven’t participated,that day,i was really busy
we were meeting people in a resturant
i had lots of homework,i had an exam too!
next time i guess T_T