A Cure Almost Worse than D: Transplanted Poop Cures Diabetes

I thought I had seen everything, and it is not even April Fools day. But apparently fecal matter transplanted from thin healthy people and put into obese pre-diabetics helps improve insulin sensitivity (http://www.diabeteshealth.com/read/2010/10/19/6914/transplanted-feces-from-thin-people-improve-insulin-sensitivity-in-people-with-pre-diabetes/).

Transplanted Feces from Thin People Improve Insulin Sensitivity in People with Pre-Diabetes

Patrick Totty
Oct 19, 2010

European researchers have reported that when they transplanted fecal matter from healthy thin people into obese people with pre-diabetes, the latter group's insulin sensitivity notably increased. (Insulin sensitivity is the body's ability to properly use the insulin hormone to regulate the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Pre-diabetes exists when increasing resistance to insulin creates higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, a precondition to the onset of full-blown type 2 diabetes.)

I really don't know what was going through these peoples minds that gave them the idea to do this.

I agree with you, you really have to wonder what was going thru someone’s mind to give them the idea to try this. But you also have to wonder about the people allowing it to happen! I have a T2 neighbor that is going to have bypass surgery to try & reverse her T2. I am going to print this out & tell her I found a better option for her to try!

Ew! I can’t imagine there being anything in poop that would be of help. They are trying to attract attention for money is all.

I wonder what about us Thin diabetics - will this work for us? :slight_smile:

Aw, I guess I have to be pre-diabetic (and fat). I missed out on my poop transplant. damn.

As Kelly said I wonder what the people agreeing to do this did… .and according the article fecal transplant is not a new line of study… it sounds like the study was more focused on weight loss (this is what they observed happening in animals) but that the increased insulin sensitivity might have been a bonus …

Thanks for bringing this to my attention (for the gross humor factor/absurdity) …

Are you actually suggesting that perhaps the poop from thin diabetics could be transplated to obese healthy people and thereby make them diabetic? That is a weird type of justice.

No, I was wondering if the poop transplant could be given to Thin Diabetics. I am saying that we Thin Diabetics could not have the poop transplant because we are not fat enough. :slight_smile:

We are not healthy enough to transplanet any of our poop to anyone - our poop is no good. Diabeteic poop is not transplantable. :slight_smile:

Although disgusting, your comment may well be part of the inspiration for this truly monumental work. Many of us have personally have had to scream at our dogs “DON’T EAT THAT, THAT IS DISGUSTING.” Perhaps, the fauna present in the guts is transferred in this way ensuring health in the overall population.

Does it make me lose weight because I lose my lunch every time I think about it?? lol

Yup, there is a name for that – bulimic! You are just not sticking your finger down your throat to cause it.

I will stick to my insulin, thanks!

But to doctors it doesn’t mater, so long as I lose weight. hahahah Otherwise they wouldn’t get so happy at how people lose so much weight with Metmorfin’s and Byetta’s diarrhea. lol

I’ll second that notion!!!

Hmmm, we’ve used lizard spit, what’s next? I know, poop.

Who thinks this …um … poop… up though??

That is true!

TOO TRUE! Hey I went through the Pancres Transplant (that worked for 2 years then petered out and Type 1 came back with all her fury) This just sounds soooooooooo wrong!

This is not a very popular option (for the obvious reasons), but has been used wth people with severe gi problems with the bacteria lining the gut… the idea is to repopulate the gut so one can digest food properly… So grow up people…How about if you were relagated to the restroom for not being able to digest food properly… Diabetes has components with digestion and processing of food to glucose… its the other half of the picture (your pancreas’s inabilities are the main one but it has reprocussions on the body)… Get your social and mental taboos out of the picture and think. Hey it may sound disgusting, but if its viable as an option… Its like a cancer patient tossing out an experimental option… Its very immature and childish having people go “eewwwww” when this has been tried before for other issues with sucess… Having trepidation do to it, thats healthy, but back it up with reason.

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Well people suspect that intestinal bacteria has much to do with some forms of diabetes

Am I being ‘punked’?

Many rebel scientists in history often used themselves as guinea-pigs in the ‘first of the trials’.
Was this the case (haha hehe)

Firstly, LOL KimKat! :slight_smile:

Secondly, I remember hearing when I was young(perhaps a Wivestale) that some Drs. years before had tasted Patients urine for sweetness to tell if the Patient had Diabetes. If so, it seems like anything goes.