A Day at the Dietician

I had a great day at the dietician’s office today. My doctor works through a group that provides private and one on one training and education for newly diagnosed diabetics. Thursday was my first appointment and I was very excited and looking forward to my two hour session. I met for one hour with the dietician and we agreed that my first goal is to start with a 550 - 600 carb diet per day. Now at first I was like, WOW there is no way I am going to do that, but after my session with her, I think this is a very easy and realistic goal. Now the hour with my Nurse, Linda was a little more enlightening that I anticipated. After hearing how diabetes works…the keys to the houses, and the keys not being created, allowing the little glucose men to not get into the houses (cells) creating a back up…it was a quite cute, yet sophomoric approach to an explanation. Anyway she then proceeded to tell me that I will probably sometime in my life, after I get older, will become insulin dependant. She said it was just a realization of the disease and a matter of time. That news did not sit with me well. Reality? Maybe, but I thought it was a bit dramatic. She then proceeded to berate me because I do not exercise. I know I do not exercise, and I want to change that, but berating me was not working. The she shared with me that she had been diagnosed 25 years ago with type 1 diabetes and how she didn’t take care of herself and how she allowed the disease to control her and how it almost killed her. I respected her story and how she has had to deal with the disease for herself, but to be honest I did not respect her as a health professional. I did agree, which I was going to do on my own anyway without any berating, to walk at least 30 minutes every day, and work up to a full regime of walking exercise.


I hope you don’t mean that your dietitian told you to eat 550-600 grams of carbs a day.

That would be insane.

It’s carbs that raise blood sugar. If you have type 2 and are controlling with diet and exercise, you should be cutting WAY down on carbs. Many type 2s eat 15 -20 grams a meal. Active men may be able to eat 30-40. But that’s about it!
Please get yourself a copy of Gretchen Becker’s wonderful book, The First Year: Type 2 diabetes and read her chapter on testing your food after eating to help figure out what you can eat.

The only people with diabetes who should ever be told to eat slightly more carbs are those who have difficult to control Type 1 who are suffering dangerous hypos. That’s a very small number of people. All type 2s benefit from cutting carbs as low as they can stand to cut them.

Also, check out http://alt-support-diabetes.org/newlydiagnosed.htm for another approach to getting normal blood sugars. It works.

Hey Michael:)
Welcome! Glad to have you join us.
If you’re into possible losing a pound or two… a bit of exercise:) Come Join us at the Weight Loss Team! We try to post in on Mondays of how we’ve done thru the week on our goals. We’re a wonderful family here at tudiabetes! Support is what we do best:)

Do you think maybe she said 550-600 calories per meal? Somehow, I agree with Jenny that the carb amount is insane! I’m a type2:) For me, I can barely handle 12 to 15 carbs per meal. My meals also consist of taking my main carbs from veggies. I long ago discovered thru testing on my own that “any” refined grains messed my numbers up bad.

Thanks all for catching my typo!! I surely do not want anyone to get the idea they can eat like that and maintain their glucose levels!! What she said was 200 - 275 carbs a day, 4servings for breakfast, and 5-6 per lunch and dinner. It was 550-600 calories