Hello my name is John and I have just been told that I have type 2 diabetes. I am very confused and trying to deal with as best I can. I have a lot of changes that are taking place because of diabetes and I also have a lot to learn. I am just looking for people to talk to that may have a clue as to what I face. I will not let this beat me in any way, shape or form. I will eat right and I will continue to exercise just like I always have.

I look forward to some good discussion and hopefully I will make a few friends.

I am truly bewildered!!!


Hi John, great attitude. Keep it up! I know getting diagnosed with diabetes is a scary thing and the first couple of weeks or months are physically and emotionally draining, but with a positive attitude you can do it. Your attitude rocks! What are you bewildered about? Maybe you can be more specific and we can help you out more. What medication are you taking, or are you controlling your diabetes with diet and exercise alone? That’s a good start. :slight_smile:

Hi John and welcome.You will learn alot from this site as some of us have had diabetes for 20 plus years.I am a type 1 and know what you are talking about.At first it is very confusing because there is so much to learn.Are you going through diabetic classes at your hospital?It would be beneficial for you to do that.You will eventually learn what makes you go high and how much.Stay with us and it won’t be long and you’ll be a pro.

I am so used to eating what I wanted and trying to figure out what I can and cant eat is what is bewildering me. I am scheduled for classes, but they do not start until December 6th and I am so scared to eat anything because I dont want to go through that crap at the hospital again…

I was at work and they had nurses in giving blood pressure and blood tests for insurance purposes. They tested me twice and both times my glucose level was well over 600. I had no idea what they were even talking about really. They made me go to the hospital and they did their thing to get it down and explained things to me. I went to my family doctor the next day and he has got me taking GLUCOVANCE for now. When I look back and after finding out what the symptoms are I had them all. The urination and dry mouth, an unquenching thirst, but I did not know anything about diabetes.

Sorry for going on and on, I just need to vent I guess so forgive me…

Thanks for the welcome…

Hi John, welcome to TuDiabetes!

For starters: Carbohydrates are what cause our blood glucose to rise. Not JUST “sugar”. So, anything white, except cauliflower, you need to limit. So, anything made with flour: Bread, dry cereals [corn flakes, etc] pasta, noodles, cookies, cakes, pies. Of course anything made with sugar. Rice. Veggiesr: potatoes, corn, peas, carrots [and anything made with corn-including corn bread - that one is a double whammy!!] Of the veggies, potatoes and corn are the worst. Sweet potatoes don’t seem to bother MOST people as much though. Fruits: apples, especially oranges and bananas.

Remember anything with an -ose at the end is a sugar: so glucose, sucrose, lactose [yes, milk has “natural sugar” in it!!

Of course, don’t drink “regular” soda, instead, drink diet. If you must have sweetened things,like in your coffee or iced tea, use the artificial sweeteners, sweet and low, Equal [or NutraSweet], splenda, stevia. I personally like Equal the best. You cannot cook with it though. Splenda has a special blend for cooking and baking.

To get you started, limit your meals to 65grams of carbs per meal and 25g per snack. You should be eating at 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks a day. The snacks aren’t mandatory or anything like that. But, especially in the beginning, they are very helpful, as you are going to feel like you’re starving ALL the time!! You should be seeing an nutritionist/dietician or CDE [Certified Diabetes Educator]. They will tailor your meal carbohydrate and calorie intake to your specific needs. The 65g and 25g are just the most common amount prescribed to most male Diabetics.

You will HAVE to start reading the nutrition lables on foods! Pay strict attention to what the serving size is and how many Carbohydrates per serving there is! This is how you will determine how much of what you can have per meal

Have you started checking your blood glucose yet? You should be checking when you first rise which will be your “fasting BG” [at least 8 hours without eating anything with carbs in them] in the morning, then two hours after the FIRST bite of your breakfast, again just before you eat lunch, then two hours after the first bite, before and after your supper, then again before you go to bed. Hopefully your doctor is up to par on Diabetes and has you testing like this already!

Testing is one of the most important parts of Diabetes! Testing is how you will learn how different foods affect your BG. Each of us is different, and we don’t all react the same way to the same food.

For example, me, my dad and my sister. We’re all T2. I can tolerate about a 1/2 a cup of rice, and do alright with my BG. My dad, he can eat only a couple bites and his BG goes thru the roof! My sis, she can eat just about as much as she likes with little to no rise at all! [BRAT!! LOL]

So, by testing, you will learn how different foods affect your BG, and learn which ones you can have a little more of and those that you will have to cut back on, or possibly pretty much eliminate from your diet. By testing just before your first bite of a meal, and then two hours after your first bite, you will learn how that specific food affected your BG.

Morning BG should be below 120. After meal … well that one differs depending upon who you’re talking to!! Most general/family practitioners and internal meds docs say under 180. But most Endocrinologists go by the AACE guidelines and say under 140.

Where are your BG’s at now? Also, do know that the Glucovance has both Metformin AND Glipizide in them. The metformin part will take about 3 weeks to fully “kick” into full power. So don’t expect to see drastic changes for a few weeks. It’ll be more like a slow change. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t start you out on insulin with your BG being so high at diagnosis!!

TRY not to become stressed!! It’s easier said than done, I know. But do your best! Stress alone can raise your BG! Know that frustration is a part of it all! It IS frustrating at first, but, once you learn “your foods” things will become much easier for you.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!! We’re here to help!! Even if ya just want to vent!! We’re here for ya!!

Good Luck!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! ;0) And you’ve got ALL of us to help ya along the way!!! :0)

I am newly diagnosed in Aug 2007 also…Type2. just watching the carb intake has helped me lose 12 Lbs…WHAT IS CARB LIMIT FOR WOMEN?..especially one like me only 4’ 11" and needs to lose at least 30 more lbs. @ 52 yrs old. Add me to your friend list John.And Melissa. The more help the better. also My insurance company WILL NOT cover diabetes classes BELIEVE THAT!..AND I CAN’T AFFORD THE $500.00 COST ON MY OWN.I think its outragous that they charge that much. anyway hang in there John it gets easier.

Hi Elizabeth. For women it’s 45g per meal and 20g per snack. You’re right, it is ridiculous that the class even costs that much, but that the insurance company won’t even pay for it! Just because of that, the insurance companies are paying MORE out per diabetic patient, because they don’t know how to eat properly, to help prevent diabetic complications! I mean, DUH! sheeeeeeeesh!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any insurance. So everything is paid directly by ME. Fortunately, I have a CDE/Nutritionist at my Endo’s office. My sis and I went to see her together, on my sis’s insruances dime! LOL Since I was driving my sis around at the time, and she and I see the same Endo, We both began seeing him roughly at the same time. So, it worked out perfectly! LOL

Does your doctor have a CDE/Nutritionist IN the office? If so, you might check out if you can visit them for a private session in the office. Check with your insurance and see if they’ll pay for that.

Elizabeth, you sure you’re not from my family? I don’t think I had an aunt who was over 5’ tall! LOL I am the tallest amongst them AT 5’ tall!! giggles And, diabetes runs rampant in my family! :0(

Hi, John,
I am newly diagnosed also but am Type 1. Here’s a great place to get some information fast:
I will also say that 65g of carbohydrate per meal sounds like too much to start out with, until you know how your body reacts. The fact that you were so high at diagnosis indicates that your pancreas is not functioning well and could use a break. You will give it a rest if you eat a much lower carb diet to begin. One other thing you can do is exercise after eating. That is an effective way to lower your blood sugar. But the main thing is to test frequently so you will know what you can eat. Good luck, and keep asking questions.

65g may sound like a lot, Libby, but, it is the most often amount prescribed for male diabetics. I’ve seen this over and over and over again! You can even find it on the internet! My Dad was prescribed 70g per meal! Now, female diabetics, we are most often prescribed 45g per meal. Though, I had difficulty with that number, and learned to keep mine under 35g per meal. I usually only will eat 45g for a supper meal [sometimes].

Until John is able to see a nutritionist and/or can figure it all out himself, 65g is a good starting point. Shocking somebody by severely limiting their carbs straight away, isn’t always a good thing! It really can throw someone into a funk, and make them not want to deal with Diabetes at all!! It is quite a shock to the system, especially for someone who is used to consuming lots of carbs! It’s almost like going through “withdrawls” for a lot of people. Diabetes is hard enough to deal with in the beginning! Especially for a T2, who is not on insulin! It is SO much more difficult to deal with! Believe me, I know! Been there, done that!

I’m more surprised at the fact that they didn’t start him on insulin straight away. Then, when he gets his BG down closer to normal range, then switch to and try out oral meds, diet and exercise. My bro in law was started out on insulin, and his BG at diagnosis was right around where mine was, in the 350’s. I was started out on oral meds, but 18 months into it, I was switched over to insulin. SO much easier to deal with Diabetes now! I really wish they had just started me out on it!

As time goes on, he’ll learn how to adjust this and that so that things work specifically for him. Diabetes is different for each one of us. What works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another, but that can only be determined with trial and error, and LOTS of testing. ;0)

Yes I still have a lot of testing to be done and that is what I am waiting on. I weigh 240 pounds at the present moment but do not consider my self fat ( for lack of a better word ) heck I am 6’4 and I am going to get down to 210 pounds somehow I’ll look like a neck tie with teeth but some of the weight has got to go. I was already playing basketball two times a week and I am a fanatic for the tread mill so exercise will not be a problem.

At the present time I am not eating much at all because I am scared and I am not sure of what to eat. I cant go on not eting for much longer…

I really appreciate all the responses and you all seem like such nice people. Thanks so much for talking with me and I hope someday I will understand well enough to help people.

John, do you have a glucose meter so you can test yourself after you eat? That is the key to finding out what to eat. But if you’re afraid to eat right now (and I know the feeling) you can have as much meat, cheese, eggs and green vegetables, salads, etc. as you want. You should not have to go hungry!

Yes ma’am I have a glucose meter and have been testing my self… I just need to make it to those classes to understand all of this… I am going home in a bit and I am going to eat something for sure… I want a hamburger so bad… LOL… but I will settle for a hamburger steak so I dont eat the bread…

John I did the same thing your doing…scared to eat. BIG BOO BOO…Stick with the protein foods for now until you learn more… My doctor continually yelled at me cause they said i wasnt eating enough food! which pissed me off…lololol But keep your portions under control. you will find what your body reacts to and what it tolerates…some foods especially the carbns might surprise you as it did to me. Some carbs i can tolerate very well…Apples work for me also. But all in moderation. Keep testing…the more i ate (small portions the lower my BG readings were. Write everything you eat and your BG readings in a notebook and keep track of everything…you will see a pattern emerge in no time. Hope you can share with me some of what you learn in that class. Take Care & God bless you

Hi John,

I know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed with t2 in June. It can be very confusing at the beginning. I am sure you will be offered a lot of advice from other people. What you have to do first is now that you are diagnosed, you should go see a nutritionist or diabetes educator. They can help you with what type of foods you can eat and how much of each food group. I had gone to a nutritionist and she put me on 1200 calories a day and told me how much carbs I should be having each day for each meal. I have already lost 20 pounds with another 20 to go.
If you are not already testing yourself each day with a meter, you should. Talk to your doctor if you don’t have one yet. There are different brands on the market.
When I first got diagnosed my A1C number was 8.1 and my cholesterol was high as well. I had my second A1C test done last month and I have improved dramitically. My A1C is now 5.6 and my cholestertol is now in the normal range. I go to the gym 5 days a week and watch what I eat. Do I eat certain foods that I shouldn’t be ? Of course, but I am careful as to how much I eat.
If you like pasta, there’s a brand called Dreamfields. Its not wholewheat but the digestibal carbs are only 5 grams. It tastes just like regular pasta.
If I can be of other help just let me know
Just remember that you can rule this not the other way around.

Hey John

I am also a Newby! Although 600 blood glucose that has me beat by double.

Take the class! Hopefully your instructor/Nurse/Dietician person will be as good as Sarah, my instructor is. The class will clue you in on a lot of stuff.

Keeping the carbs down is important. I bake my own bread even because the low carb stuff will allow you a slice of bread, which is alot like dancing with your sister.


Hi John, I was really upset when I first found out, and I still don’t like it, but this is a great community and eventually you’ll start adjusting.

Hey, Arthur, do you have a recipe for low carb bread or do you bake the high-octane stuff and just have a small amount?

Hi Rochelle…I too need only 1200 cal…but i cant pinpoint how much carbs at each meal. Is it 45 or higher

Hi Elizabeth, a good starting point is 45g of carbs per main meal and 15g of carbs per snack. This is what was reccomended to me by my dietitian and diabetes nurse. However, I did lower it after a while and stick to 20-30g of carbs per main meal and 15-20g of carbs per snack.

You should get a food scale so you know exactly how much you are eating, and remember to test 2 hours after your first bite to get an idea of what kind of spike your BG gets after having a certain kind of food.

My Recipe is as follows:
1 Egg
1 Package of yeast - if they come in three’s then only one
1 teaspoon sugar - real stuff it is for the yeast
1 Tablespoon Oil - I use Canola
3/4 cup warm water - not too hot you dont want to kill the yeast
1 cup vital weat gluten flour - whole foods is a good source - safeway and others may have it but around here in San Jose Safeway is 2.00 More then whole foods
1 cup oat flour
1 teaspoon of salt ot so

if you like it you can onion powder, thyme anything you like for flavor and aroma

mix the yeast, sugar water egg and oil, in that order and set aside

combine in a seperate pot the flours and the salt, and then add slowly the liquid. you can start with a fork but you will need to use your hands. it combines nicely and forms a loaf of sorts. place in a sprayed small loaf pan, 4x8 not a “regular” one, and let rise for about 35-45 minutes, covered in a warm place. place in a 375 pre-heated oven for 40 minutes, and then finish it with more time for a darker/harder crust if you like that.

This works out to 4-5 grams of carbs per slice, depends on how many slices you get out of the loaf.

My daughter likes this is as well and she can be finiky about food. The first recipe I tried was way to spongey and bouncey to be bread. This is quick and simple, I think it has roots as a bread machine receipe.

When I make more then one loaf I do not double it I just make it twice, it is that quick and easy.