A diabetes benefit


You probably say, “Is he gone nuts?” No this is a very serious story I must tell you!
In this life you just never know around which corner there could be a benefit for you and be pleasantly surprised by it. Like this morning Jo and I (the Bobsy twins we are called by our friends) went shopping at Walmart for another pill organizer. You know from Monday to Sunday there are little boxes with a lid on top you put your pills in there are not to forget to take them. Well, right next to us was an older woman on here knees. I was going to say, "lady I’m really not that important you know, just ask my wife here!"
Instead I said “Saying your prayers? No, she wasn’t, it was just that in the vitamin department they kept them convenient low in rows but you either had to go on your knees or end up with a king size backpain to find what you were looking for.

Anyway, back to the lady on the floor who had risen by now. She said
"No, you want me to say one for you?” Well, this was an offer I couldn’t refuse.
She said “Do you have difficulties?” I said, "Well I’m married 60 years with only the one woman, had a heart attack, a stroke, 50 years of diabetes first class, now on 5 needles per day, my bladder quit on me, my eyes have several problems I feel that you could say that! “You need a prayer or two” she said, “what is your name?”
I said "Tell Him that it is for John, he knows me!"


Of course, you have me on the floor laughing again Johnben. Thanks! :smiley:

After your selection of ailments to pray for, I would have told her to take her pick. But I suppose it’s Nice to just pray for John and his ailments in general. Good deal that you have going on there.

You and/or Jo should complain (loudly) at Walmart’s for the lack of respect for Seniors for putting the meds so low on the shelf. They should put the bandaids down there. Of course, if you needed bandaids then you’d have the same problem and have to complain again. You complain too much. =) Just Kidding.

You’re Very important and fondly thought of Johnben. :slight_smile:

Nice…Your too funny JOHNBEN!!!