A diabetes foot problem?

Every month or so I get this feeling of a pulled muscle in my left foot on inside near the top. It is the tendon on the inside of the foot by the ankle bone but down on the foot. It hurts when I bend my foot up and I can’t walk on it without a lot of pain. I had an x-ray done but nothing was on it and my foot looks normal but is swollen. Is this a diabetic thing? Does anyone else have this happen? It goes away in about three or four days but only if I don’t walk on it and it only happens to the one foot. I am not injuring it in any way. It just happens for no reason. I have seen the doctor twice and they just give me muscle relaxers and Mobic which is like strong Motrin.

I’ve had chronic plantar faschitis for years. I play a lot of tennis and the pounding on my feet makes it worse. A good orthodic helps. I also exercise the ligament by rubbing my foot on a special spikey ball. I also bought special sneakers at www.footsmart.com that have a special bridge on the bottom that helps with this. They also sell all sorts of orthodics and shoe inserts to help with all sorts of foot problems. They sell the braces you can wear at night that keep your foot in the right position.

My parents had plantar fascitis and got these MBT shoes a couple of years ago, like those Reeboks that Joe Montana advertises with the more pronounced curve to the sole, and it helped them a lot. It might be worth it to at least try a pair in the store and see how it works for you?