Plantar fasciitis + Day 8 of Detox

I have plantar fasciitis and it's acting up again. I know that feet are a big issue for diabetics and must be watched carefully. Does anyone know if Plantar fasciitis is more prevalent in diabetics or is it just something that happened?

I am on day 8 of my 21 day detoxification program. So far I have been sticking to it except for Sunday. I went away and forgot to bring the shakes and supplements. I cheated a bit but not much. I had my fruit and vegetables (in an omelet) and drank a shake late Sunday when I got home. But I also had a steak at dinner with my vegetables. Boy did that taste good; I hate it when you cheat and then it doesn't taste good seems like such a waste of a good cheat. If I'm going to have all of the guilt it better at least taste good.
I have been tired but I guess that’s expected when all of the sudden your body has gone on carb decrease. I am eating my carbs (fruit) in the morning and afternoon and vegetables through out the day and in the evening. The shakes have both carbs and protein in them. The one thing I do notice is my waking B/S number is about 10-15 points higher than usual, not sure why. Seems it should be down since I am not eating any of my late night snacks. One thing I am happy about is I am down 5 lbs. My next step is to get back to the gym and start exercising again. But first I have to get back to the foot doctor.

People with db seem to have more problems with tendons and connective tissue - frozen shoulder, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, etc, but plenty of other people get PF too. I had it several years ago and it was horrible. They said it was partly from wearing high heels to work and also, when you sleep your Achilles tendon shrinks a little bit, pulling up the fascia that's attached to it. That's whey that first step in the morning is agonizing.
I got relief from stretching and consistent icing 3x per day. Freeze a pop bottle full of water (well, not quite full or it'll burst) and then roll the sole of the foot back and forthh over it. But I guess the major thing that prevented further episodes was getting custom orthotic inserts. They are expensive and some insurance will not pay for them.
Good luck.

Ouch! Have had several bouts of plantar fasciitis. Been told it's due to having really high arches. Can't remember where, but I read that diabetics are more prone to plantar fascitis. Must be from the reasons Kathy listed. I do stretching exercises & used an inexpensive brace (less than $15) that goes across the bottom of the foot & across the ankle. Really helped the pain.

If you're eating more protein than previously, protein effects BG since around 58% of protein is converted to glucose.