Aching feet

Hope on this morning to all find you well.

Sorry it has been ages being on the website as extremely bussy at work. It's the 2nd week that I can hardly walk on my feet. It is not an injury to the bone I can feel it is more mussle but even in an upright still position it aches terribly. Can ANYBODY help me with advice or an explanation.



Sweetie, have you ben checked by a podiatrist, or a neurologist. It could bone spurs,falen arches a number of foot problems not directly associated with diabetes, Or it could be painful diabetic neuropathy....Will insurance pay for such visits ? Pleases know ou are in my prayers, and thank you for your message of condolence about my Dad, Belinda.

God Bless.

I don't think they pay I tell you the endless pains every day is now getting to me. Thanks for the wishes

Sometimes muscly foot things may be plantar fascitis? The local running store has some PT type of exercises for a variety of leg/ hip issues people encounter running on their website:


Thanks am I correct to say that it does not include - my pain - on the bridge of the foot tendents?

PF is the only "muscly" foot thing I'm aware of. Even if it's in the forefoot, I think the stretching the achilles helps "release" it?

I'm not 100% sure, there's a few tendons and the cases I've read about (parents, coworker, Albert Pujols...) it can be at one end or the other. It is pretty "muscly", as you described it I think and can be very acutely painful, sort of like a cramp? I am sort of between 11 1/2 and 12 but if I wear the bigger sized shoes, I seem to get twinges of it. I can't really diagnose something as I'm not a doctor but if you try the exercises, perhaps it would stretch out things that need to be stretched?

Thanks will try and see my doctor.

Have your doctor do a check for uric acid. You might be having a gout attack and that is terribly painful. When I get them I can barely walk.


If $$$ or coverage is an issue, I'd try the exercises too though as, a lot of times, for soft tissue muscle type of issues, a doc may refer you to a PT who may try exercises like that? Although they sometimes will do things w/ gizmos, rubber bands, etc.? If nothing else, if you try the stretches and they don't work, you can report what you'd done to the doc and perhaps skip a step? Or maybe not?