A diet challenge for all the diabetics!

A great way to cure Diabetes through your diet!!!!!!

Here is an extremely amazing, healthy, safe and foremost natural way to cure the deadly syndrome DIABETES TYPE 2 .By a detailed study of previous article that is the "role of Adiponectin and Leptin in diminishing Insulin Resistance" I have revised a method of equipping few food substances which have the capability of sensitizing both Adiponectin and Leptin to a good extent when included in diet.

And the wonderful diet when followed regularly which will take you one step ahead to lead a healthy life without diabetes is here.

Before that please check your ORAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST:
follow these steps:
A standard dose of glucose which is 75grams is ingested by mouth and the blood sugar levels(mg/dL) should be checked after 2 hrs. This test is to be performed morning and the glucose is to be drunk within 5 minutes.

Normal values for a 75g -oral glucose tolerance test for TYPE 2 DIABETES are:

fasting: 60-100 mg/dL
1hour :less than 200mg/dL
2hour:less than 140 mg/dL

If the value you received are between 140-200 mg/dL
then you have impaired adipocyte differentiation
If the value you received are above 200 mg/dL the you have a
higher sign of diabetes

After that follow this as your morning diet(breakfast):
1)Robusta cofee,without much roasting, without milk(better if preffered)-207ml-gives you required (70mg to 350 mg) of chlorogenic acid.
2)Navy beans-1/2 cup (cooked)-gives you around 9.8g of amylose resistant starch
3) Barley (ground)-100g in 300ml of drinking water-gives you 4.3 to 5.5g of beta-glucans.
4)Flax seeds(ground) -1 tablespoon (can be incorporated in diet anyway possible)-gives you 1.6g omega-3 fatty acid and
5)Grapes-75g -gives you required amount of osmotin (which is said to mimic the role of adiponectin).
6)Eating wheat breads also would give you a considerable amounts of beta-glucans.

After having the above diet follow these steps:
check your blood sugar levels for 10min,15min,30min,60min and 120 min after this and note them down. I'm sure you do find some difference in the former and the latter values!!!

There you go, you have made a step ahead in leading a healthy life. Follow this regularly for better results.

I request you to write about this diet you have followed and all the values before and after having the diet.

contact me in: vaishnavinulureddi@gmail.com
post comments on how you feel about this.

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So apparently the article you are referring to is a discussion of "possible" mechanisms the role of Leptin and adiponectin in insulin resistance. And you leap to the conclusion that reducing leptin and increasing adiponectin will reduce insulin resistance although we have no evidence of that. And then your diet says to eat certain foods which are claimed to be be involved in leptin and adiponectin, although again we have no evidence of that. And some of these foods are very high in carbs, like barley, grapes and wheat bread.

I regularly drink coffee and use flax in my cooking, but I can tell you right off, eating that diet would leave me with elevated blood sugars for the rest of the day. I'm glad it has helped you, but diabetes is very YMMV.

Are you really diagnosed as a T2? Have you ever been tested for T1 (antibodies and c-peptide)? You just don't seem to fit the typical model like being an old geezer like me.

we do have few clinical evidences but we don’t increase or reduce anything we instead safely try to sensitize these adiponectin and leptin through diet modifications which will diminish insulin resistance.

try it and send your blood glucose level values as given there, u will surely find a positive result. I say…