A Fast Acting Sugar You May not have thought of "A Diabetes Tidbit"

Don't know about you but i am always trying to make sure that i know things to do if someone is experiencing a low blood sugar. What if we are out and we have nothing with us, or we use the last drink box etc. Check out this "diabetes tidbit" for a fast acting sugar you might have thought of!


I don't think in terms of fast acting sugar when it comes to lows. When I was dxed as a teen, many many years ago I was told to carry sugar cubes...I've been through with that for many years. Think in terms of Glycemic Index if you're familiar with it you will see there are things on the GI index that are just as fast acting if not faster. I sometimes eat pretzels, they're high on the index. So are crackers any grain except for whole grains. Besides sugar can be messy if you carry it long enough. I use to have a purse full of sugar granules.

I think this sounds like a cheap, easy alternative that wouldn't take up much space -- and that I'd be less likely to abuse (unlike jellybeans, frosting tubes, Sweet Tarts or Skittles, which are just too, too tempting for me to keep around.)

I'm a big fan of ziploc baggies for carrying things when traveling. I can easily see carrying six or eight sugar packets in a folded-flat ziploc baggie in my day-pack, or tucking them in a ziploc baggie in my glove compartment, guitar case or bedside nightstand drawer.

Thanks for the idea. ;0)

According to CalorieKing, a sugar packet has 4 gm of carbs and 15 calories, the same as my too-expensive glucose tabs. Neat.

My Mom (type 1) used to carry these with her and kept them in the house, everywhere and that was WAY back in the day. Good idea and easy to carry around.....Added to list "Sugar Packets" :) Thanks for the reminder.