Seems simple enough... a suggestion regarding glucose tablets

I have gotten into the habit of keeping containers of glucose tablets in various, helpful locations (car, nightstand, office, camelback). This has been very helpful for when I need quick sugar, which brings me to my suggestion. In order to get “quick” sugar, one must be able to open the glucose tablet container! I have found the safety seals on any of these containers difficult to open when dealing with hypoglycemia, so my suggestion is to remove these seals when you purchase the glucose tablets. This will minimize confusion during these times (I know we are usually so alert when our blood sugar is low)! Anyways, just a suggestion. I hope it helps.

Good advice. I nearly chewed through the seal once :slight_smile:

Been there–good suggestion! I use jelly beans because they taste better & are easily portable. Cheaper, too.

And I use Sweet Tarts! I keep them in my car, my husband’s car, my purse, the fanny pack I take on my walks, and in various other places in the house!! And I make sure everyone knows where they are. LoL - just bein’ a girl scout - prepared! It’s come in handy more than a few times in the past.

i do smarties. or skittles. or sprees. or…well you get the idea, lol.

I always have some sort of candy like skittles or a sucker, I just bought that dex bottle of juice I guess it is, but hey I wanted to see if it would work.

I do smarties too. A large bag at Wal-Mart is about 2$ and 1 roll is 6grams of carbs; I usually do 2 rolls. I find they work as fast as glucose tabs, taste better and are much cheaper…I have rolls of smarties everywhere LOL.

I do Jelly Bellys…keep them in a ziplock baggie, in my purse and at home.

Smarties sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to pick some up when I run out of my current stash of glucose tablets.

Great suggestion! I spoke to the people at Dex-4, who make the glucose products under their name and for private label. They realize that the safety seals are sometimes tough to break when you’re low, but to keep the product sanitary and avoid spills in transit, they have to use 'em.

Now, if only they would make containers with my fav tab flavor: coconut. I can only get it in mixed-flavor containers. Bah.

Caleb always gets excited when the coconut comes out of the mixed container too!

Does it make sense to just take off the seals as soon as you purchase them so they are ready to go when you need them?

If only I read this sooner! I ran into that problem just a few nights ago… and wanted to cry cause I couldn’t get the thing open