A few questions

Alright, so being diabetic, we all know that our bodies do really crazy things, especially with being a woman. My DH and I have been trying to get pregnant for last 7-8 months but my periods are so irregular that it’s been a bit difficult. The good thing is, I sort of start spotting leading up to ovulating. Since going off the pill last July my cycles have varied from 30 days to 47 days.

The last full blown period I had started on March 12th. Two weeks later I started spotting like I was about to ovulate. Took a home ovulation test, it gave me a green light, my DH and I went for it and the next day I stopped spotting. Two or so days later I had a very light pink spotting for a few hours and then it went away.

So for last two weeks I’ve been sitting around wondering if my period’s going to come or not. I’ve taken several at home pregnancy test and nothing is coming up positive. Then yesterday I get what I think is my period. Needless to say, I’m heartbroken. My periods usually start off pretty light and within 6-12 hours I’m bleeding pretty heavily with cramps so bad I can hardly function. So now it’s been 30 hours since I “started” and it’s still almost next to nothing. There’s no cramping either. I have a slight headache but nothing too bad. My sugars have been slightly elevated for no reason really, which isn’t abnormal at the beginning of a period for me.

Is it possible that I could be pregnant? If I am, I would be about 6/7 weeks along. Has anybody else have anything like this ever happen? I know a girl that was 10 weeks before even a blood test came back positive. I’m just kind of going crazy here, I guess. Any help would nice.

Hi Anna, I had something a bit crazy like that too. In fact I got annoyed that AF was here but not here, if you get what I mean. I left it a few days and tested and a faint line showed up. I was still dubious because I thought that I’d had the world’s shortest AF. But no, it was a baby in my tummy :slight_smile: If this keeps on like this I’d be off to the doc for a quick blood test. Nothing like a bit of ‘proper’ confirmation either way. Sending baby dust your way :slight_smile:

I’d call your GYN and ask for a blood pregnancy test - a QUANTITATIVE test, instead of a qualitative test. This would be positive if you are pregnant! Sometimes hormone levels are too low to be detected by the urine test.

Both of my pregnancies I had a negative pregnancy test then a week later a positive test. But those were home pregnancy tests. I didn’t go to the doctor until I was like 8 weeks along maybe.

Good luck!