Hormones (or lack thereof)

My husband and I decided late last year we would start TTC this past April. I had some really bad periods while on the pill (oral) and my OB/GYN recommended I go off the pill in February. I did, and I had an immediate period. Then........... nothing. I saw my OB/GYN in late April, and she told me they would jumpstart my period in June if I didn't get one. Well, May 8 it came along and I immediately begun using an Ovulation Predictor Kit. But I never ovulated!! I had my thyroid levels checked 2 weeks ago, and while my levels are low, they are not indicative of any issues. This past Monday, the OB/GYN ran some sort of serum test and she called me to let me know ovulating isn't going to happen to me (I'm not sure if it was LH or progresterone, but it was 4.3% and should be 100%). Is this a freak thing or could be it be related to diabetes? My DH and I decided not to tell anyone we were going to TTC so now I am reaching out for support with this...and can't find any. My mom even went so far as to tell me all the NEGATIVE things associated with being a parent and told me I'm lucky because I never have to pay for birth control ever again. WHAT!?!?! My DH isn't concerned. And allllllll of my friends are getting pregnant right now - there is a new announcement nearly every day. I am so sad about my situation.
If anyone has had trouble, will you let me know so I don't feel alone?

*sigh* I feel for you. My DH and I have been on again off again being trying to get pregnant. I've done the ovulation kits (on again off again) some months I am ovulating and some months I'm not. And it doesn't help that it seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant by sitting on toilette seats or by looking at a Parenting magazines. *shakes fist in the air* Pourquoi!! (that's french for "why") lol

We actually just decided to take time to focus on health (mine), as I just got test results back from the Dr saying my iron is low, along with not having any iron stores. *sigh* Although, my A1C's are down 5 points. Anyway, I digress. I've being spending quite a bit of time on line checking out natural remedies and came across this little ditty. http://www.cheeseslave.com/herbal-infusions-for-fertility-and-hormone-balancing/

I do want to reiterate that natural remedies should be under the supervision of a Naturopatha or a natural Medicine person. The information that is found on this blog maybe something that may be helpful in your quest to find answers and get some understanding to your situation. I should also add that personally I am of the belief that everything can be cured and changed with cafeful research and information. And I have found that this blog offers some interesting options and routes to improve hormones.

Lastly, you are not alone. *big hugs* I was on Tu not too long ago crying and feeling sad that I may never have a baby. We're not there yet, I have faith though, that it will happen. <3 <3 It will happen for you to. It will.