A good carb site or book

Can you recommend and good carb site or book that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for references on the number of carbs in foods. I need something that covers foods I make, and foods that are made that you can buy. I need it to be under $10. Yes, money is a problem. I’d love a site if you can recommend a good site that is accurate.

Thanks again for your help


If you have internet accessible, then there are many options of free websites that you can use. My favorite is Calorie King (www.calorieking.com).

If you want a book, then I recommend the Calorie King book, which costs $8 (plus some shipping) in the Calorie King store. You might be able to find it in a local bookstore too.

Calorie king is the best!

The USDA website is free, but not very elegant. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/

CalorieKing is also free: http://www.calorieking.com/

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If you call your Dr. office they may give you a free calorie king book. They give me one almost every time I go.

I’m a big fan of the Calorie King book too. I’ve gotten: free copies, marked-down copies, and even paid the $8 for it in the store. It gets updated every year, so it’s better than many other ones out there that are VERY dated. OTOH, even the ones from last year are still fairly accurate so you can probably get a copy for baby chicken squawks (i.e., “cheep” ;). I keep one in my purse all the time, it does double duty holding my coupons.

I have multiple copies of the Calorie King book: one at home, one in each car (we have two), and one in the office. In addition to detailed carb information on anything you would probably eat, there is a center section that gives you nutrition data on a great number of restaurant chains.

check out your local library and make photo copies
i like the book eat this not that
all the carb counting i’ve learned has been either online, food labels, or those free books they give you when your first diagnosed